About Brian Minkow

Brian Minkow is a Homebridge Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) based in Westlake Village, California (NMLS #256638). Brian is also licensed in these states: CA, NV, AZ, & TX.

Brian has 20+ years of experience in the mortgage loan industry, with thousands of loans closed. In 2017, Brian assisted over 1,000 people with mortgage financing and help them close on their best home.

Brian’s ability to help the residents of the Greater Los Angeles area is assisted in part by his wide and deep network of both Real Estate Agents and enthusiastic former clients.

Cities Serviced and Types of Loans Offered:

Some of the areas that Brian services regularly (but is not limited to) include:

  • Westlake Village
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Agoura Hills
  • Oak Park
  • Cornell
  • Calabasas
  • Woodland Hills
  • Monte Nido

Brian can help you with your home loan needs including:

  • First-Time Homebuyer Purchasing
  • Second-Home Purchasing
  • Refinancing
  • FHA and VA
  • Conventional
  • 203(k) Renovations
  • Jumbo
Brian In the News

If you live in Westlake Village or the Greater Los Angeles area and you want to start the homebuying process, reach out to Brian and his team by phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Brian and Team Minkow will extend the same service to your friends, family members, work colleagues, or neighbors who need help.

They are delighted to serve the people of the Greater Los Angeles area and assist them with attaining their dream homes.

Mortgage Loan Originator in AmericaMortgage Executive Magazine 2016
For your home improvement needs, visit Service Finance Company, LLC to find a trusted local contractor.

Homebridge may receive compensation for referring you to Service Finance Company, LLC.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Grigoriy M. June-19
“Brian is a magician when it comes to getting loans done within an aggressive time window, and stays true to his word.”
Joseph S. June-19
“Brian Minkow would do well as a US President...great personality, charm, wit and intelligence.”
Serop A. June-19
“Brian Minkow and everyone we worked with at Homebridge Financial Services, Inc. were very knowledgeable and helpful in every way. They made this process for us as first time home buyers very smooth and pleasant!”
Stephen L. May-19
“Brian and the whole team were all awesome! They were incredibly responsive, informative and made the entire process pleasurable and painless... I always felt like I was in great hands!”
Keren R. May-19
“Steve & Ali were extremely helpful and kind. They were always willing to answer any of our questions and concerns.”
Renee R. May-19
“Brian Minkow and his staff made sure that I was in the loop with the purchase of my new home every step of the way. I am very pleased with the service I have received.”
Cihtli O. April-19
“Brian Minkow and his team are incredibly professional and personable. They all took the time to answer any questions I had with great patience and knowledge. Even though my loan was relatively small, they all were wonderful. I felt like I was their only client! Thank you so much!”
Robert and Jenny C. February , 2019
“Words can’t express how thankful we are to you and your team for all you did to make this happen. American and Matt have been incredibly helpful, patient, and understanding through all of this. We can’t believe how easy the process was.    ”
Shawn E. December 2018
“Excellent service you can count on.”
Jeremy F. December 2018
“They have the best customer service ever! They respond to questions and concerns immediately.”
Yaakov H. December 2018
“It was such a smooth and easy process! Thank you!”
Walter K. December 2018
“Kind, friendly service.”
Matthew B. December 2018
“Everything ran easily and smoothly. Great communication and lots of help.”
Menachem B. December 2018
“Great service.”
Ruben C. December 2018
“Everyone was very helpful during the process of the loan.”
Badonna R. November 2018
“Brian and his whole team are great!”
Paul R. November 2018
“The team worked incredibly hard to make this work and it did! ”
Mkrtich S. November 2018
“Notary explained all questions thoroughly. Was patient as we scanned the documents and signed.”
Ghazal S. November 2018
“As good as it gets. After being scammed by a scam artist, we met Matt. Personification of professionalism and care.”
Liat S. November 2018
“Thanks to my husband, he's a client too!”
Jon H. November 2018
“Excellent service! John Wade and Ali Straky are an excellent team to work with.”
John A. November 2018
“Great customer service. The man who we spoke to was extremely kind and very helpful. I believe his name was Mr. Minkow.”
Charles M. November 2018
“Completed a difficult loan.”
Badonna R. November 2018
“Brian and his team made this process painless. They went out of their way to streamline everything and simplistic.”
David E. November 2018
“Brian was very helpful.”
Antonio F. October 2018
“Very professional.”
Yaacov D. October 2018
“Very efficient and courteous service. Communicative and well informed. Quick to answer questions and help.”
Tricia M. October 2018
“Agent recommendation.”
Jeremy F. October 2018
“Brian has been available at all times.”
Jason M. October 2018
“Easy process, friendly people.”
Andrew G. October 2018
“Incredibly responsive and helpful. Went over and above consistently!”
Jae K. October 2018
“Great service.”
Wendy K. October 2018
“Matthew was amazing, so professional and patient.”
Jay F. October 2018
“Went smoothly. Brian, Matt and America was great.”
Barbara B. October 2018
“Very responsive and professional team.”
Jason B. October 2018
“Quick and painless.”
Michelle Q. October 2018
“They were fast, polite and professional.”
Annette R. October 2018
“Easy to reach and answered all mu questions.”
Scarlet M. October 2018
“Prompt and professional.”
Alex R. October 2018
“Awesome team. Fast and efficient.”
Arvin B. October 2018
“Friendly, honest and clear on all numbers.”
Shawn E. October 2018
“Best personal service.”
Samuel M. October 2018
“Brian Ishmar and Albert are all extremely professional and easy to work with.”
Rowan S. September 2018
“Brian was so amazing and helpful.”
Michael G. September 2018
“Processing was very helpful. The deal was good.”
Pablo E. September 2018
“B is the man!”
Laurie M. September 2018
“Very thorough.”
Jose L. September 2018
“They assisted us in our first home purchase and it was pleasant working with them and helpful that we decided to use them again and will keep using them forever.. Thank you guys!”
Heidi W. September 2018
“I have had excellent experience doing loans with Brian Minkow.”
Richard B. September 2018
“Everyone involved got back to us quickly and answered all questions. Plus, they helped get all of the information together.”
Olaf N. September 2018
“Very efficient, fast, friendly and easy.”
Sheila D. September 2018
“Incredible service! Brian did a wonderful job!”
Louis C. September 2018
“Superior service.”
Patti W. September 2018
“Everyone that I worked with, from Brian, Ish and Albert were very knowledgeable and helpful in this process. I would highly recommend them.”
Jose E. Sept-18
“I just want to say THANK YOU so much for making another of my families dream come true! When we started this process i was not to sure if this was going to be possible, but after speaking with Brian, Ismail reassuring me ALMOST everyday and Albert getting everything in order you guys are a solid WIN! I trusted in God, that you would get this done I constantly reassured my Wife Elsa that we were in the best hands possible for this to happen. And here we are FUNDED and with the biggest smiles ever. THANK YOU HOMEBRIDGE you guys are truly dream makers. Like the first time around and this time i will recommend and send everyone that i know that is in the market to give you a call, and tell them that you will work your asses off left and right, up and down to make a Dream come true.”
Lanard Prince August 2018
“Good job guys!  This was a converted buyer on my listing.  He WAS loyal to his credit union who once again over promised and under delivered.  Basically dropped the ball.  You guys saved my deal and made the buyers happy , in turn made my seller happy.  This should not go unnoticed!  Thanks again!”
Luis G. Aug-18
“They made the loan process easy and understandable.”
Haroutyoun A. Aug-18
“Hardworking team and organized.”
Lilia P. Aug-18
“A great experience.”
Jason G. Aug-18
“Great communication throughout the entire process. ”
Thomas B. Aug-18
“Good service.”
Sami A. Aug-18
“The HomeBridge staff was very professional. They are the best!”
Vignesh V. Aug-18
“Quick and transparent.”
Jose P. Aug-18
“They took well care and great service.”
Randy V. Aug-18
“Excellent customer service.”
Jason B. Aug-18
“Brian is the best in the business.”
Jennie W. Aug-18
“Steve and Brian and their team are incredible to work with.”
Lyndon E. Aug-18
“Friendly, accurate, quick and efficient.”
Lyndon E. Aug-18
“Quick and efficient.”
Geraldine A. Aug-18
“Prompt, great rate.”
Chad B. Aug-18
“Excellent service!”
Alex C. Aug-18
“Great service. Made transaction smooth.”
John R. Aug-18
“Prompt, attentive and courteous.”
Jason G. Aug-18
“Great communication throughout the entire process. ”
Thomas B. Aug-18
“Good service.”
Jennie W. Aug-18
“Steve and Brian and their team are incredible to work with.”
Lyndon E. Aug-18
“Friendly, accurate, quick and efficient.”
Lyndon E. Aug-18
“Quick and efficient.”
Geraldine A. Aug-18
“Prompt, great rate.”
Luis G. Aug-18
“They made the loan process easy and understandable.”
Haroutyoun A. Aug-18
“Hardworking team and organized.”
Lilia P. Aug-18
“A great experience.”
John R. Aug-18
“Prompt, attentive and courteous.”
Sami A. Aug-18
“The HomeBridge staff was very professional. They are the best!”
Vignesh V. Aug-18
“Quick and transparent.”
Jose P. Aug-18
“They took well care and great service.”
Randy V. Aug-18
“Excellent customer service.”
Jason B. Aug-18
“Brian is the best in the business.”
Chad B. Aug-18
“Excellent service!”
Alex C. Aug-18
“Great service. Made transaction smooth.”
Lyndon E. August 2018
“Quick and efficient.”
Geraldine A. August 2018
“Prompt, great rate.”
Luis G. August 2018
“They made the loan process easy and understandable.”
Haroutyoun A. August 2018
“Hardworking team and organized.”
Lilia P. August 2018
“A great experience.”
Jason G. August 2018
“Great communication throughout the entire process. ”
Thomas B. August 2018
“Good service.”
Chad B. August 2018
“Excellent service!”
Alex C. August 2018
“Great service. Made transaction smooth.”
John R. August 2018
“Prompt, attentive and courteous.”
Sami A. August 2018
“The HomeBridge staff was very professional. They are the best!”
Vignesh V. August 2018
“Quick and transparent.”
Jose P. August 2018
“They took well care and great service.”
Randy V. August 2018
“Excellent customer service.”
Jason B. August 2018
“Brian is the best in the business.”
Jennie W. August 2018
“Steve and Brian and their team are incredible to work with.”
Lyndon E. August 2018
“Friendly, accurate, quick and efficient.”
Lyndon E. August 2018
“Friendly, accurate, quick and efficient.”
Lyndon E. August 2018
“Quick and efficient.”
Geraldine A. August 2018
“Prompt, great rate.”
Luis G. August 2018
“They made the loan process easy and understandable.”
Haroutyoun A. August 2018
“Hardworking team and organized.”
Lilia P. August 2018
“A great experience.”
Jason G. August 2018
“Great communication throughout the entire process. ”
Thomas B. August 2018
“Good service.”
Chad B. August 2018
“Excellent service!”
Alex C. August 2018
“Great service. Made transaction smooth.”
John R. August 2018
“Prompt, attentive and courteous.”
Sami A. August 2018
“The HomeBridge staff was very professional. They are the best!”
Vignesh V. August 2018
“Quick and transparent.”
Jose P. August 2018
“They took well care and great service.”
Randy V. August 2018
“Excellent customer service.”
Jason B. August 2018
“Brian is the best in the business.”
Jennie W. August 2018
“Steve and Brian and their team are incredible to work with.”
Yury C. June 2018
“Everyone was knowledgeable and communicated well.”
Sreeram M. June 2018
“Very prompt, courteous and did a thorough job.”
David M. June 2018
“Great team. Organized, friendly, responsive, helpful and thorough.”
Audrey D. June 2018
“Everybody was very pleasant to work with. They were quick to answer any question or concern we had.”
Estevan P. June 2018
“Very nice, helpful, understanding and patient.”
Gregory M. June 2018
“Brian hustles and responds quickly!”
Jonathan N. June 2018
“Brian is amazing!”
Shaun B. May 2018
“Everything was done to perfection!”
Tzvi S. May 2018
“Good people.”
Jonathan S. May 2018
“They were very helpful in making the process go relatively smooth.”
Ronald G. May 2018
“Everyone was very helpful.”
Guy G. May 2018
“Good service, fast approval and closing.”
Lorena A. May 2018
“Very good service.”
Anastasia S. April 2018
“Brian made this loan possible! He and his team are extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.”
Raul S. April 2018
Andrew S. April 2018
“Brian is awesome!”
Debra H. March 2018
“Excellent and prompt service!”
Royce S. March 2018
“The service was very personalized, fast and efficient! Brian Minkow made himself available to me and answered all of my questions in a friendly manner.”
Mark P. March 2018
“Good service, timely and fast processing.”
Meagen B. March 2018
“Because you are very communicative!”
Roberto G. March 2018
“Brian Minkow is #1.”
Howard G. March 2018
“HomeBridge was great! The people were professional, courteous and knowledgeable!”
Greg L. March 2018
“Very helpful and informative.”
Timothy M. March 2018
“Excellent customer service. It was a pleasure to work with Brian and his team!”
Andrew S. March 2018
“This is an amazing group of hard working people! Their communication was great. They were very helpful and provided very fast service. We are very grateful and thankful we chose them!”
Lauren M. March 2018
“Great service!”
Jennifer M. March 2018
“Timely responses.”
Howard G. March 2018
“Great service! All questions were answered.”
Erwyn I. March 2018
“Brian Minkow provided excellent customer/client service!”
Jason F. March 2018
“Professionalism, speed and communication are the greatest strengths of this group.”
Joyce G. March 2018
“Great customer service.”
Han Y. March 2018
“Fast responses, flexible financing and funding, convenient.”
Christian O. March 2018
“Great communication.”
Timothy H. March 2018
“Great experience.”
Richard P. March 2018
“Very professional all around from start to finish.”
Darcy B. March 2018
“HomeBridge is honest. I trust them. Brian and Matt worked hard to get our loan pushed through!”
Menachem L. March 2018
“Excellent service.”
Joseph A. March 2018
“Real pros!”
Gordon S. March 2018
“Great service and results.”
Consuelo M. March 2018
“Super easy to work with.”
Alexander G. February 2018
“Great service from John Wade and his team!”
Joseph A. January 2018
“Past client. Excellent service.”
Angelina W. December 2017
“Licensed Loan Partners America Perez and Matt Noltemeyer are truly great! They both made the loan process simple and easy. Their patience was greatly appreciated and they are both a pleasure to work with. Thank you!”
Nick I. December 2017
“It was a easy process throughout the entire loan. Fun people and knowledgeable staff, easy to work with.”
Janel B. December 2017
“Everyone at HomeBridge was so helpful. They always returned our calls in a timely manner and answered all of our questions.”
Feliks M. December 2017
“Good in all aspects.”
Christine P. December 2017
“Thank you for being so thorough and timely!”
Melissa B. December 2017
“Worked very well with the Realtor.”
Nora D. December 2017
“Fast, informative and courteous; professional too.”
Salvador M. December 2017
“He does what needs to be done.”
Jennifer R. December 2017
“Fast, easy efficient. ”
Pedro R. December 2017
“Always answered our calls. ”
David B. December 2017
“Quick and on top of getting necessary paperwork to process. ”
Beatriz P. December 2017
“People who handled the loan from the very beginning were excellent. Prompt, very knowledgeable. Answering all kinds of questions. Courteous service! ”
Salvador M. December 2017
“He does what needs to be done. ”
Jerad H. November 2017
“It was an easy experience.”
Len A. November 2017
“Great service.”
Jonathan M. November 2017
“Brian and Steve Minkow were able to answer any questions or concerns that we had during the homebuying process.”
Doron K. November 2017
“Very responsive, honest and they came through.”
Gil C. November 2017
“Professional, responsive, courteous and good product / service.”
Robert K. November 2017
“Everyone was very responsive, helpful and moved the loan process along quickly.”
Jonathan M. November 2017
“Brian and Steve Minkow were able to answer any questions or concerns that we had during the home buying process.”
Adriana S. October 2017
“Great service.”
David G. October 2017
“Easy process.”
Donald S. October 2017
“Easy to work with and very helpful.”
Aimee Q. October 2017
“Super fast, great communication from team. Great job!”
Lindsey C. October 2017
“Efficient and organized!”
Michelle F. October 2017
“Great customer services. Easy to work with and very accommodating.”
Sofia T. October 2017
“Good customer service.”
Gaik A. October 2017
“Very satisfied.”
Carol H. October 2017
“I have had excellent service.”
Armen S. October 2017
“Smooth process.”
Jose R. October 2017
“Staff is very knowledgeable and responded fast to requests.”
Angela W. Sherman Oaks, CA
“Everyone at HomeBridge that worked on my file made the process very effortless. There is a lot that goes into putting together a loan but in my case they were doing 2 loans for me. Everyone was very professional and friendly and just had a great positive attitude. Thank you guys so much.”
David P. Camarillo, CA
“Everything! My last real estate purchase was 20 years ago - much simpler times. The people at HomeBridge (and their affiliates) were beyond incredible. From prompt responses to easing my fears about whatever I was afraid of. Everything went smoothly and I'm now a homeowner once again. THANK YOU HOMEBRIDGE.”
Mike M. North Hills, CA
“Amazing knowledge, fast and results to close.”
Lonie D. Westlake Village, CA
“Closed on time!”
Kittima A. Palmdale, CA
“You have a good team and excellent coordinate service. Will recommend to people I know.”
Klodian G. Marina Del Rey, CA
“You guys did a excellent work with my loan. I am looking forward working with you on my future loans. Thank you.”
David S. Simi Valley, CA
“You guys gave me a great rate and pain free service. Thank you!!!”
Gregory B. Gardena, CA
“You guys kept an even keel during the whole process, staying on point with every transaction/interaction, and informing as much as possible how to stay on track in order to meet requirements of a successful escrow!”
Jerrold B. La Quinta, CA
“You guys rock!!! Minkow is the best no B.S. just straight talk and delivery.”
Alex S. Pacific Palisades, CA
“Well done juggling 2 escrows!”
Joshua C. Los Angeles, CA
“We appreciate the effort.”
Cynthia R. San Bernardino, CA
“Was very helpful.”
Meir R. Los Angeles, CA
“Was always reachable and answered all questions.”
Andrew B. Victorville, CA
“Was a very smooth process. Thank you for everything!”
Angelina W. Mission Hills, CA
“Very understanding and helpful through the whole process. Thank you for everything!!!”
Joni D. Palmdale, CA
“Very smooth easy transaction. Thank you.”
Fang F. Oak Park, CA
“Very prompt, professional and nice!”
Gonzalo G. Placentia, CA
“Very Pleased!”
Paul E. Simi Valley, CA
“Very professional and knowledgeable. Took me through the whole process to the end.”
Raul M. Mission Hills, CA
“Very helpful and got the loan done when the other fell through!”
Petros P. Burbank, CA
“Very good job thank you.”
Vladimir R. Irvine, CA
“Very good service.”
Ron E. Agoura Hills, CA
“Very clear with the process and details.”
Jeffrey L. Woodland Hills, CA
“UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Wonderful experience looking forward to working together again.”
Abe E. Van Nuys Area, Los Ang, CA
“Transaction went very smooth! Great service - no stress!”
Manny M. Los Angeles, CA
“This loan was done in under 30 days. Smooth, professional, COMPLETED!”
Scott R. Calabasas, CA
“This is the third time we have dealt with Brian and his team and they are the best! Would always use him and will continue to refer him to our friends.”
Sherry S. Oxnard, CA
Carolyn A. Sylmar, CA
“They were extremely knowledgeable, informative, and timely in keeping me informed about the progress of my loan. I was very appreciative of the effort by all involved in my getting this loan.”
Gil C. Tarzana, CA
“They were great!”
Jason Y. Simi Valley, CA
“They were able to perform.”
Thomas S. Ventura, CA
“They provided an excellent communication and enough flexibility to make this deal simple and straight forward. Excellent customer service. Good rates and terms.”
Michael T. Ventura, CA
“They all really helped us get through the whole process after we cancelled with our other Loan Officer and company (Brian and team, etc. were helpful) and they got us through pretty quick. Closing went great and we now have our new house!”
Kittima A. Tehachapi, CA
“They all worked as a team, awesome turn out.”
Paul F. Thousand Oaks, CA
“The whole team was outstanding!!”
Maria L. Winnetka, CA
“The service was excellent from beginning to end! I'”
Byron M. Santa Clarita, CA
“The process when so smooth, they helped me understand the process and we closed escrow on time. Thanks!”
Manny M. Los Angeles, CA
“The Minkow Team closed this in under 30 days and made the client very happy.”
Andrew O. Valencia, CA
“The Minkow team was very efficient, professional and effective in delivering a loan in less than 30 days. Thank you.”
Sargiz I. Chatsworth, CA
“The Minkow team went above and beyond to make it happen. He went to multiple investors to get the best rate and the maximum cash-out. I '”
Allan M. Oxnard, CA
“The Loan Officer was very helpful and informative. He delivered everything he promised and all within a timely manner. I highly recommend him to my family and friends.”
Kittima A. Palmdale, CA
“The Loan Officer is very knowledgeable and has a good team work, they work along with a first time home buyer. Transaction was so smooth. Buyer got advice step by step. He is so happy to get his dream house.”
Khammanee O. Fresno, CA
“The Loan Officer kept us all updated weekly.”
Roman R. Los Angeles, CA
“The entire team, including the Loan Officer showed genuine care about what I had to say. They were always responsive to my emails, and phone calls, overall a very good experience.”
Raymond J. Oxnard, CA
“The entire process was so seamless! My entire mortgage team was professional, knowledgeable and professional. Our 30 day escrow was done quickly, their attention to detail impressive!”
Cipriano M. Simi Valley, CA
“The entire team did an outstanding job processing my loan.”
Terry F. Van Nuys, CA
“The entire process was seamless and efficient. I changed from a company that was exasperating to your organization. Painless and helpful and timely. All I can say is thank you very much. I will most certainly recommend you to all my friends. In fact I have already told 2 friends about you and the easy process.”
Scott R. Calabasas, CA
“The best in the business! Professional, competent, knowledgeable and always there to answer every question that we had. Brian made our experience much less stressful and headache free! We are happy to refer him to anyone and everyone we know. Thank you again for taking good care of us!”
Akash P. West Hills, CA
“The best loan company, especially Brian Minkow and staff. Thanks.”
Howard K. Thousand Oaks, CA
“The best service. Made a very stressful situation go extremely well. Happy to do business with them again.”
Steven W. Moorpark, CA
“Thank you so much for making the transaction go smoothly and we really appreciate the fact that you kept us informed every step of the way. Thank you.”
Hayat J. Simi Valley, CA
“Thank you to all of you. You guys met the deadline in a short time. I'm very happy, I will do more business with you in the future. Thanks.”
Bruno Z. Glendale, CA
“Thank you for looking after my client '”
Ignacio M. Van Nuys, CA
“Thank you for all the hard and timely work. It'”
Aaron D. Long Beach, CA
“Steve was incredibly helpful and patient. He answered so many questions for me, including many that he had previously answered. Everyone else that I talked with was professional and proficient.”
Ernie R. Northridge, CA
“Steve was awesome. Always helpful and there when we had any questions he went above and beyond for us, thank you Steve !!”
Bruno Z. Agoura Hills, CA
“Steve and his team went above and beyond. Before entering escrow, my client had questions about different scenarios and Steve went over them till my client was comfortable. While in escrow while we faced challenges, Steve worked with me till we got the transaction closed.”
Malcolm H. Glendora, CA
“Stayed on top of the deal. Got me the best rate for the time.”
Arghavan M. Woodland Hills, CA
“She was prompt in getting back to me with the information I needed! The whole process seemed to go smoothly!”
Nelia C. Los Angeles, CA
“She told me of what to do with needs in acquiring proper documents.”
Agustin A. Los Angeles, CA
“Real good.”
Marcy D. Gardena, CA
“Processed loan in a fast manner. I am very pleased with the entire experience with your company and will refer others to my loan officer, Alfredo Castillo, and his wonderful team.”
Wei S. Lakewood, CA
“Professional service, very accurate evaluation, with minimal but good enough communications.”
William S. Oxnard, CA
“Polite, professional, knowledgeable, courteous company and associates. Would definitely do business with them again and promote them to my associates.”
Andrew B. Woodland Hills, CA
“Overall you were the easiest, fastest and best mortgage experience we've ever encountered. I wish we had found you sooner! Thanks for your patience and support during the process and helping us refinance our home.”
Miguel D. Ventura, CA
“Our realtor encouraged us to contact Brian and Steve. After one phone call they said our loan should be a slam dunk. The whole way they dealt with us efficiently, and professionally. They know their stuff. Take them on their word, if they say they can do it they will. I loved that I got calls from their office almost daily letting me know what other info they needed from us and keeping us updated. They had to scramble because we called them already partially through the loan process because our previously lenders were moving too slow. I firmly believe if we did not switch to Brian and Steve we would not be home owners right now.”
Ditas L. Canoga Park, CA
“Our Loan Officer was very helpful in every way. Ready to answer all our questions and concerns. Provides us with status updates.”
Antonio A. Reseda, CA
“Our Loan Officer was very nice and worked hard to get us the best deal. Everyone at the office is very helpful and goes above and beyond to answer our questions and make us feel comfortable. I am very satisfied with the experience.”
Ralph L. Calabasas, CA
“Once they had my information I was made to feel comfortable that the loan would be done and I was given a time frame.”
Levente K. Glendale, CA
“Only two words: Quick and smooth, thank you. It deserves 5 stars.”
David S. Thousand Oaks, CA
“No pain refi. Thank you, you guys are the best.”
Cosimo P. Pacific Palisades, CA
“Not 5 star but - 10 Star, Exceeded our Expectations!!”
Garry F. San Bernardino, CA
“Nothing but the best from start to finish. These folks are pros and I will use them every chance I get!”
Jason B. Ventura, CA
“No hiccups, on-time loan.”
George P. Hawthorne, CA
“Needed initial prequalification opinion regarding the probability of approval, and wanted no surprises. John knew the areas that would require additional documentation and helped us shop in the right price-range. Consequently the loan was approved and the purchase completed.”
Christopher F. Simi Valley, CA
“My wife and I really appreciate all the hard work from everybody who was involved in our refi!!”
Hope R. Fresno, CA
“My Loan Officer worked diligently to reach me and respond back promptly. He detailed every answer to my questions often repeating the same information with patience. He did an awesome job.”
Serj D. North Hollywood, CA
“My Loan Officer was very knowledgeable and answered all questions I had! The best experience by far!”
Menachem W. Santa Rosa, CA
“My Loan Officer was always available to assist and guide me through the complex lending process. They went above and beyond!”
Bertie P. Chatsworth, CA
“My Loan Officer and his team kept me informed at all times as to the status of my loan application and were very responsive.”
Matthew U. Ventura, CA
“Melody Corea (my agent) was wonderful. Professional yet still giving me the personal treatment and always available for questions and concerns.”
Matthew U. Ventura, CA
“Melody Corea (my agent) was wonderful. Professional yet still giving me the personal treatment and always available for questions and concerns.”
David S. Simi Valley, CA
“Matt gave a great rate and excellent service. It was pain free. His assistant, Ali, was terrific too and also gave me super service.”
Donald M. Joshua Tree, CA
“Made the process easy and pain-free. You'”
Poupee K. North Hills, CA
“Love, love Brian Minkow and team! Excellent lender!”
Todd J. Glendale, CA
“Love you guys!”
Ari A. Newbury Park, CA
“Listened to our needs and came up with the best and least expensive solution. Highly responsive and detailed. Managed a fast and very efficient process.”
Julio R. North Hollywood, CA
“Kim was fabulous. Really personal and took her time in explaining the process.”
Ruby P. Lancaster, CA
“Kept us well informed and did a good job.”
Karen F. Northridge, CA
“Kept me informed throughout the process.”
Joseph A. Oxnard, CA
“Kept me informed, follow up is great.”
Carl M. Thousand Oaks, CA
“Kept me informed on every step of the process.”
Ovidio B. Palmdale, CA
“Keeping me and my agent informed was very important. Thanks again.”
Sherry R. Sherman Oaks, CA
“Just made the whole process from start to finish as easy and stress-free as possible”
Gregory B. Moorpark, CA
“John went above and beyond. Thank you!”
Elizabeth L. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
“John was excellent at answering all my questions throughout the process! He was quick to get back to me and I never felt like I was alone throughout it as a first time buyer. I would definitely look forward to working with him again in the future.”
Ed S. Ventura, CA
“John was patient and responsive. He was available or called back when needed, and explained everything to us so that we felt we understood what we were signing. He got us a good rate for a complex loan- the company came through as promised with everything and we got our beautiful home.”
Michelle R. Norco, CA
“John Wade and the team worked very quickly to help us complete a purchase loan. They really saved the day and the buyers are so very happy with the service, loan program, and responsiveness during a very stressful time. Thank you!!!!!”
Jason R. Camarillo, CA
“John was able to verify and document my complicated returns in a four-hour, one-time sitdown.”
Robert S. Oxnard, CA
“Janet Johnson was great at communicating with me through the entire loan process. Usually that is not the case. She was very professional, as was everyone in the Westlake office. I think this is the best mortgage experience I 've ever had. Thank you.”
Aigul D. Thousand Oaks, CA
“It was my first purchase of a house ever. My experience with Brian and his team was good and easy. Brian is the best in the industry.”
Edbert S. Madera, CA
“It '”
Michael A. Granada Hills, CA
“It took some time but was well worth it. Minkow and his team are fantastic!!”
Luz R. Los Angeles, CA
Francisco A. Fontana, CA
“I was very pleased the way Alan Osowski worked with me.”
Varoujan G. North Hills, CA
“I will give 5 if you promise me to finance my second home too... ha-ha....the experience working with you was great. Everyone was working patiently to make certain that everything goes smoothly. Thank you all for the great job done. You guys are awesome!”
Danny D. Los Angeles, CA
“I was able to get a loan while others were not able to help me. My Loan Officer was very helpful in getting everything together in a very fast way. It took very little time to get my loan.”
Larry K. Oxnard, CA
“I say it over and over again but Brian never lets me down. It is why we use him.”
Wilson C. Sylmar, CA
“I felt very well assisted all the way through .... thanks!!”
Mauricio C. North Hills, CA
“I always brag about having the number one lender in the nation as part of my network! I enjoy working with the Minkow 's, Judy is very good at what she does, always answers calls and emails, keeps me informed.”
Arsham D. Lake Balboa, CA
“Honesty and responding on time to all calls.”
Amanda W. Los Angeles, CA
“I 'm a realtor and Brian Minkow and his team were able to step in and save the day when another mortgage company left one of my clients in the lurch right ahead of the loan approval contingency deadline. They managed to match the previous mortgage company 's rates and they provided clear communication to the listing agent, which was key in our being granted a few additional days for full approval. They then managed to get us to close of escrow on time.”
Ronald K. Friant, CA
“Hector was always available to answer my questions and assist me as I needed.”
Luz R. Los Angeles, CA
“He was very helpful answering all the questions I have about the loan and helping me go through all the documents, revising them and explaining things I didn't understand.”
Terry S. Thousand Oaks, CA
“He was personable and structured the loan in the best way for us to achieve our dream home.”
Lior T. Bell Canyon, CA
“He was on top of everything. He was able to calm me down when escrow messed up on things. He is the best loan agent i ever worked with.”
Cristy D. Westlake Village, CA
“He made sure I got EXCELLENT SERVICE! Thank you, Mr. Brian Minkow, for having such a great team! I'm also extending my appreciation to Ms. Lisa Elman and Mr. Ali Straky for their help and excellent service to make my home-buying process a great experience. Everything went well! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU!”
Henrik T. Burbank, CA
“He and his team provided the best service ever to satisfy me as their customer.”
Edbert S. Chowchilla, CA
“Great, good, excellent service.”
Susan C. Camarillo, CA
“Great work. Smooth transaction.”
Fernando T. San Fernando, CA
“Great team work.”
Francisco R. Los Angeles, CA
“Great team. Fast and easy to work with.”
Joyce G. Thousand Oaks, CA
“Great service, everyone did exactly what I expected. The application was swift and the loan closed inside of 30 days. I am one happy camper. I would point out in particular Ali Starky, John Wade and Brian Minkow.”
Vatche K. Lancaster, CA
“Great service, fast and prompt attention to every detail. Brian Minkow and his team members have done it again for me. Thank you all for your great service and rates!”
Elliott H. Thousand Oaks, CA
“Great service and a friendly staff.”
Patrick P. Van Nuys, CA
“Great service as promised.”
Brian N. Oxnard, CA
“Great job, super loan. I love working with the Minkow team.”
Jacob W. Westlake Village Area, CA
“Great job!!”
Vahan S. Granada Hills, CA
“Great customer service. During the process was always available to answer any questions. If an issue came up it was resolved in a quick and efficient manner. Can'”
Joanna P. Valencia, CA
“Great experience!”
Matthew C. Stevenson Ranch, CA
“Great communication and follow up.”
Thomas L. Lakewood, CA
“Great attitude, great communication, fast paced.”
Renee K. Agua Dulce, CA
“Got it done!”
Martin A. Paramount, CA
“Good customer service with a great sense of urgency.”
Annie D. West Hills, CA
“Good job. It'”
William S. Moorpark , CA
“Fantastic in everyway! The team was efficient, on track and pleasant to work with. We would recommend this company to any person searching for the best morgage rate with highly skilled people who are committed to getting it closed on time!”
Gonzalo Z. Simi Valley, CA
“Extremely happy with the entire process, efficiency and commitment to client satisfaction.”
Joseph A. San Fernando, CA
“Exceptional as usual!”
Andre R. Suisun City, CA
“Excellent service from top to bottom. Seamless and transparent transaction.”
Christian R. Los Angeles, CA
“Excellent communication and personal assistance with the process.”
Benjamin E. Ventura, CA
“Everything. Brian said he could complete the loan in a very limited time and he exceeded all expectations. He and his team were proficient and professional. I am completely satisfied with the transaction.”
Erin S. North Hills, CA
“Everything went really well. It was great being able to talk with the processor of the loan.”
Laken G. Ventura, CA
“Everything was very efficient!”
Linda M. Thousand Oaks, CA
“Everyone was awesome!”
Jason A. Simi Valley, CA
“Everyone was excellent from the broker to his team! Thanks for the great work.”
Leann L. Camarillo, CA
“Every transaction with Brian Minkow and his team is fantastic!!! I always recommend them to everyone!”
Letitia M. Reseda, CA
“Communicative and helpful, through the entire process. Appreciative that they had notary come to us.”
Jose L. Sylmar, CA
“Completely professional. Very helpful and they helped me get my dream home.”
Gigi H. Lompoc, CA
“Communicated throughout the transaction.”
Robert C. Moorpark, CA
“Brian, Matt and Cristina treated us professionally and got the job done - just like they say they would!! I would definitely use them again and would recommend Brian's team to anyone looking to buy.”
Manny M. City Of Los Angeles, CA
“Brian, Steven, and their team are a phenomenal bunch of people! Very professional, experienced, and solution based!”
Susan S. West Hills , CA
“Brian was on top of everything. Very organized and thorough. Any questions I had for the team were answered quickly and efficiently! Brian has a great team who are so very helpful and patient which is an extremely important aspect when choosing a lender!”
Thomas C. Agoura Hills, CA
“Brian was on top of the process from beginning to end!”
Larry K. Oak View, CA
“Brian thinks outside the box. He isn '”
Daniel S. Newbury Park, CA
“Brian Minkow is the best!”
Larry K. Camarillo, CA
“Brian Minkow is the hardest working Loan Officer I know and just all around guy. You can count on Brian. I appreciate him and his staff as you can tell they care about the work they do.”
Cathy D. Los Angeles, CA
“Brian Minkow is very professional, honest and highly desirable to work with. I have been a client of his for several years and have been totally happy. The last transaction was with a family member and I believe they were equally satisfied. Highly recommend his services.”
Cindy L. Woodland Hills, CA
“Brian Minkow was the Loan Officer and he and his staff kept their promises. And he and they were nice...which I really appreciate in today '”
Marc T. Los Angeles, CA
“Brian Minkow worked his magic yet again! Thank you!!”
Ana M. Merced, CA
“Brian Minkow's team is amazing! Fully engaged during every step of the transaction. Professional, knowledgeable and caring. I definitely felt like I had the support of a full team behind me. Thank you!”
Lisa R. Oxnard, CA
“Brian Minkow and his team did everything they said they would do. They gave more than 100% to make sure everything went smoothly.”
Scott W. Thousand Oaks, CA
“Brian Minkow and his team were awesome.”
Raymond Y. North Hollywood, CA
“Brian Minkow and his team were fantastic! Great communication and super fast service!”
Jon P. Ladera Ranch, CA
“Brian Minkow and his team were there for us every step of the way. They responded to us immediately and were able to solve any challenges that came up along the way.”
Rami S. Thousand Oaks, CA
“Brian Minkow and John Wade were fantastic. They did incredible, made this transaction so easy.”
Lupe L. Los Angeles, CA
“Brian Minkow and Steve Minkow and his entire team made it possible to get the job done and finalize the loan. Thank you all!”
Rajesh M. San Diego, CA
“Brian Minkow and team did a great job on my file. Not only am I going to do more business with them but will refer all friends and family as well!”
Salvador J. North Hills, CA
“Brian Minkow and team helped me a lot. They're the best team ever, I recommend with 100% guarantee :)”
Clara A. Los Angeles, CA
“Brian Minkow and the team did a fantastic job! They were very prompt, detail oriented, always willing to help and answer any question I had!!! I will highly recommend them and refer clients!!! They are super stars and the best team I have ever worked with!! Thank you for having such great people working with you!!!!”
Larry K. Ventura, CA
“Brian Minkow - Another amazing job done on time and perfect!!”
Brett F. Ventura, CA
“Brian Minkow and his assistant are the best! They did everything promised.”
Leann L. Ventura, CA
“Brian Minkow and his incredible team did it again!!!! They are top notch and we highly recommend them to everyone!!!”
Eduardo F. Simi Valley, CA
“Brian Minkow and his staff are the best!! They are so on top of things. Very organized, diligent and professional. I highly recommend them to everyone around me. Thank you for a job well done. Thank You Joe for all your help and follow up. You did everything in such a timely manner. I greatly appreciate it.”
Vatche K. Simi Valley, CA
“Brian Minkow and his team are the best! Excellent service from initial meeting until closing.”
Jeffrey H. Camarillo, CA
“Brian and his team were amazing!”
Jerry B. Oxnard, CA
“Brian and his team were great. Everything was timely and well communicated.”
Ashley G. Oxnard, CA
“Brain Minkow is simply the best out there you won'”
Kavoos B. Westlake Village, CA
“Brian and his staff are courteous and very efficient. I will recommend Mr. Minkow to friends and relatives.”
Raymi S. Thousand Oaks, CA
“Brian and his team did a fantastic job as always. Closed on time which my clients were just thrilled about. Thank you again for always doing the best job ever and having a smooth transaction. Best Regards.”
Emmanuel F. Los Angeles , CA
“Best of the best.”
Diana A. Stevenson Ranch, CA
“Awesome communication right from the start! They reached out to us as soon as the offer was accepted via email/telephone! When I called either Steve or Brian would pick up the phone! Overall excellent service right from the beginning till we closed escrow!! They are proactive!!!”
Alicia F. Simi Valley, CA
“Answered all my questions in a prompt and efficient manner, returned my calls and emails in a timely manner. Were very nice and professional. I love you guys, thank you.”
Nubar B. Sherman Oaks, CA
“Amazing group of highly dedicated, very professional people who get things DONE. Their skills are beyond description. Thanks a million!!!”
William M. Sun Valley, CA
“Always available and ready to answer questions to the full satisfaction of the borrowers.”
Joshua R. Hidden Hills, CA
“Absolutely fantastic. Brian Minkow is world-class. The best there is. Could not have done it without him. Will refer everybody I know now and mine from now on!!!”

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