About Brandy Whitmire

Brandy Whitmire is a Dallas native who thoroughly understands the area’s growing and diverse real estate market. As a Mortgage Loan Originator, she works to find the right mortgage product to suit each client’s unique situation. Brandy’s commitment to providing superior customer service, combined with excellent problem-solving skills, makes the difference in potential borrowers becoming home owners. Brandy knows the benefits of making the mortgage process a win-win endeavor for her clients. With this, she brings an exceptional knowledge of the mortgage industry and practical hands-on experience to each transaction. Active in the community, Brandy supports Habitat for Humanity, the Make a Wish Foundation and Special Olympics.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Jeffrey G. Feb-22
“Brandy , Cassi, and Shelley were so patient with me and they "pulled a rabbit out of a hat" to make this mortgage work. I am frankly still in awe that the Refi was realized and it is making a considerable difference in our lives at this time...Thank you so much.”
Valerie D. Feb-22
“Brandy and her team were awesome to work with. They were available to answer any questions. We would definitely use them again.”
Briana B. Jan-22
“We have worked with Brandy several times so far and will Continue to in the future! Thank you again Brandy!”
Eric L. Dec-21
“Brandy Whitmire did a great job helping me navigating through the loan process. She delivered my loan on time and as proposed. I would definitely use Brandy again in any future real estate purchases.”
Emily R. Oct-21
“Brandy was the most knowledgeable and responsive partner I've ever experienced in a home loan process. HomeBridge team uncovered an error from another bank and fixed it. Easy breezy, transparent process. I've already recommended Brandy to several people. Couldn't be happier. I've found my forever team!”
Aubree A. Sep-21
“Brandy and Jen were extremely helpful and responsive throughout the whole process. As a first time homebuyer, I greatly appreciated their willingness to answer my questions and keep me informed. The process went a lot smoother than I could have ever expected. Thank you so much!”
Mandy R. Aug-21
“Brandi was great. Very attentive and professional. She answered all my questions and looked out for my best interest in rates and fees. Cassie was amazing too! I was very pleased with the whole process.”
Kristie M. Jul-21
“I have used Homebridge for home loans since 1995. Brandy Whitmire and all of the staff are great to work with and I consider them to be friends.”
Timothy B. May-21
“Thank you for all of your help and continued support”
Dahlia G. Mar-21
“We truly appreciate Brandy and her entire staff of very talented individuals. Shout out to Jessica Ashwander Frushour, Irene Bridges and Gabrielle Orona (Community National Title Company). Quick and easy process! We've done business with Brandy twice now and should the need arise we'll do it again. Great service, communication and overall vibe. Angela and I thank you for your guidance and assistance.”
Oluwafunke J. Jan-21
“Brandy Whitmire went above and beyond! She was very efficient and communicated with me when necessary.”
Jay H. Dec-20
“Working with Brandy and the team was a pleasant experience and everyone worked hard to help us out with this process. Thank you!”
Dwayne S. Nov-20
“The place is wonderful, looking forward to on time payments, thank you all, Merry Christmas.”
Paul A. Nov-20
“The process was easy, straightforward, and organized from the beginning. Brandy and her team were quite helpful during the process and were ready to close when they said they would be. Fantastic experience!”
Nathan A. Nov-20
“Brandy and Heather were great!”
Robert S. Nov-20
“First class service”
Jessica V. Nov-20
“Brandy and Home ridge were awesome. They guided me through the entire process and counseled me along the way. I couldn't have asked for an easier process.”
Erica S. Oct-20
“My closing date was set for Friday, 10/23/20; I received the CD on Tuesday, 10/20/20 at 9:38 pm via email (I didn't check my email until the next morning). I was not informed prior to that the CD had to be singed 3-days before the closing date to close on the 23rd (no one expressed the urgency of it being signed). If I was informed in advance of the urgency of signing the CD that same day due to the 3-day law, I would have most definitely stayed up till midnight looking for the forms. My realtor was able to set up closing on Saturday 24th, but closing still didn't happen due to Home Bridge will not disburse the funds until Monday 26th (closing on Saturday 24th and disburse Monday 26th ) I couldn't take possession of the home until disbursement. This caused a setback financially and mentally. Brandy did an excellent job of working with me to make this right. I understand mistakes do happen, but if you are willing to acknowledge them and correct them what more can I say.”
Sandra S. Oct-20
“The team was great and the process, while long overall was a smooth process.”
Alejandro R. Sep-20
“Brandy Whitmore and her team were excellent. Will definitely use them again”
Kevin S. Sep-20
“Best person to work with hands down”
Jean-Pierre H. Sep-20
“Brandy and her team were great! This is my second time working with them and there will definitely be a third.”
Sherry M. Aug-20
“This is our third time using Brandy Whitmire and Homebridge. We love the professionalism and care they give us. Brandy is always willing to go above and beyond without question! Brandy Whitmire is our go to with home financing. She is hands down the best in the industry!”
John T. Aug-20
“Just for clarification my process was a bit more involved because Brandy and Irene and Jessica were doing everything they could to help me raise my credit score and lower my interest rate. That's what took the time and additional documentation. All Good!!!! Tanks-a-lot!!! Well done!! Tank”
Allison A. Jul-20
“Response times were fabulous, the length of time this took was a bit of a hassle however was most likely out of bounds due to COVID rather than anything on homebridge's side. Everything turned over what appeared to be timely when it was action items by HFS or myself. Appraisal is an issue, but again not something HFS is directly responsible for. All other factors were handled timely, with courtesy and great communication and so on.”
LISA S. Mar-20
“Great team who worked together for my needs”
JAMES H. Nov-19
“Laurie Peterson handled the whole thing and was outstanding.”
Sarah A. Oct-19
“I think I just did, but again, Brandy and her team are the BEST!”
Alejandro R. Sep-19
“Brandy and her team where the best!!! I definitely will use them again when I remodel my home in April 2020. Whole process was stress free!! This is the 2nd time I've gone through them for my home mortgage financing needs. Thanks Guys!!!!”
Ryan C. Sep-19
“Great service, explanation and accurate updates as usual from Brandy and her team!”
Jenae B. June-19
“Seriously, the best! Plain and simple. I cannot say enough good things about Brandy Whitmire and the team. So thankful for everything that they made possible.”
Eduardo M. December 2018
“Fast service.”
Jean-Pierre H. December 2018
“Homebridge did an incredible job understanding my needs, being available for help and proactive moving this process along.”
Kristie M. December 2018
“Good job.”
Anna P. November 2018
“Good job.”
Gregory L. November 2018
“Best rate and great customer service.”
Charles B. November 2018
“Shelley was very friendly and helpful.”
Trelia G. October 2018
“Shelley was very helpful and worked hard with us to get loan processed and closed.”
Sharece L. October 2018
“Richard was able to answer every question in a timely manner and was very helpful.”
Darrin H. October 2018
“The pros outweighed the cons for me as a first time home buyer.”
Jeff S. October 2018
“Great service. Always prompt to take care of me and my wife. Great staff.”
Alejandro R. September 2018
“They were fast and very helpful with any questions that I had.”
Joseph F. September 2018
“Everything went very smoothly.”
Stuart B. September 2018
“Great customer service from Ashley, Richard and Brandy. They made sure we were happy with our loan outcome!”
Fouad H. Aug-18
“Excellent rate. Great service and communication.”
Daniel S. Aug-18
“Brandy was a great person to work with.”
Johnice B. Aug-18
“Homebridge worked really hard for us.”
Steven G. Aug-18
“The whole team was very helpful and quick to respond to all our questions.”
Eloy G. Aug-18
“Very helpful.”
John W. Aug-18
“Excellent service and great responsiveness.”
David S. Aug-18
“A wonderful, easy process.”
Eloy G. Aug-18
“Very helpful.”
John W. Aug-18
“Excellent service and great responsiveness.”
David S. Aug-18
“A wonderful, easy process.”
Fouad H. Aug-18
“Excellent rate. Great service and communication.”
Daniel S. Aug-18
“Brandy was a great person to work with.”
Johnice B. Aug-18
“Homebridge worked really hard for us.”
Steven G. Aug-18
“The whole team was very helpful and quick to respond to all our questions.”
Fouad H. August 2018
“Excellent rate. Great service and communication.”
Daniel S. August 2018
“Brandy was a great person to work with.”
Johnice B. August 2018
“Homebridge worked really hard for us.”
Steven G. August 2018
“The whole team was very helpful and quick to respond to all our questions.”
Eloy G. August 2018
“Very helpful.”
John W. August 2018
“Excellent service and great responsiveness.”
David S. August 2018
“A wonderful, easy process.”
Eloy G. August 2018
“Very helpful.”
John W. August 2018
“Excellent service and great responsiveness.”
David S. August 2018
“A wonderful, easy process.”
Fouad H. August 2018
“Excellent rate. Great service and communication.”
Daniel S. August 2018
“Brandy was a great person to work with.”
Johnice B. August 2018
“Homebridge worked really hard for us.”
Steven G. August 2018
“The whole team was very helpful and quick to respond to all our questions.”
Danny C. June 2018
“Excellent process!! Thank you!”
James B. June 2018
“They worked with us through the process. They were very responsive and had good rates and low fees.”
Ryan C. June 2018
“They were extremely helpful and courteous. They were always available when I needed someone.”
Alan M. May 2018
“Very nice.”
Vinitta K. May 2018
“Friendly and fast customer service. Great knowledge. ”
Jennifer L. May 2018
“Lots of communication throughout the process and a friendly, knowledgeable team.”
Emily P. March 2018
“I loved working with everyone on our loan team. They were very easy to work with!”
Scott D. March 2018
“Very professional, helpful and friendly.”
Hugo M. March 2018
“Fast closing, good communication and ease of use!”
Eduardo M. March 2018
“Fast service.”
Eduardo M. March 2018
“The whole process was easy and simple.”
Eduardo M. March 2018
“Fast service.”
Eduardo M. March 2018
“The whole process was easy and simple.”
Michael H. February 2018
“Pleasant and perseverant.”
Karen A. January 2018
“Very professional, detail oriented and made this a quick process. Communications were great!”
Jaime L. January 2018
“Continuous communication with us about loan process. Each member was knowledgeable about the process.”
Timothy M. December 2017
“Very quick and professional.”
Omar A. December 2017
“Great and kind Originator and a smooth process. Informed me fully of all paperwork needed and helped with obtaining paperwork.”
Robert K. December 2017
“Very helpful and polite.”
Narisara M. December 2017
“Easy communication and nice.”
Brian G. December 2017
“Easy process.”
Jamie L. December 2017
“Great response time. Friendly employees.”
Bobby C. November 2017
“Richard did a good job.”
Ryan T. November 2017
“Despite some unique issues, the problems were solved with regular communication.”
David A. November 2017
“HomeBridge answered all my questions in a timely manner.”
Megan E. October 2017
“Prompt, professional service.”
Gary C. October 2017
“Easy process, didn't take that long to get everything done.”
Robert M. October 2017
“Everything was handled in an efficient and courteous manner.”
Cassi B. November 2016
“HomeBridge is #1 !!!”
Scott H. September 2017
“Brandy provided quick, thorough service and great follow-up! ”
Steven and Cristen C. December 2016
“Brandy is the best loan office I've ever worked with! This was a super smooth, very painless process! Brandy and her team provided excellent service! All of my business goes to HomeBridge!”
Marribell M. August 2017
“Brandy was very helpful and informative! She was quick and she answered all of my questions!”
Michael and Robin N. September 2017
“Brandy was very pleasant and she helped a great deal with us!”
Joe M. August 2017
“Brandy always provided quick responses. Her team were always willing to answer all questions and helped me understand the process. They were all very pleasant and I highly recommend HomeBridge to others! Thank you for the smooth and easy pre-approval and closing!”
Curt and Shawna D. July 2017
“Brandy was very professional and knowledgeable! She was also very polite and considerate throughout the process!”
Christopher and Elizabeth F. July 2017
“Brandy was very friendly and helpful! She made this a fast and painless process! ”
Jay H. July 2017
“Brandy and her team were very helpful and they had great timing! They were all very willing to help! They did a great job! Thank you!”
Joy F. July 2017
“Brandy and Angela were both wonderful to work with! They were very responsive at all times and they went out of their way to assist me!”
Jeffrey and Mandy R. July 2017
“The service has been great! We appreciate all of the hard work that HomeBridge provided! Brandy and her entire team have been amazing to work with!”
Franklin M. July 2017
“Brandy was very communicative and helpful throughout the entire process! She made it quick and easy! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Ian D. June 2017
“I have worked with Brandy twice before. She worked closely with me and made the process easy and stress free!”
Cody D. June 2017
“Brandy and her team were extremely helpful and informative! Any time that we had questions, they were quick to respond. Thank you!”
Jenae B. June 2017
“I purchased a home previously and just refinanced it! I would not want to use anyone else but HomeBridge! They are amazing! Because they are so good at their job, I would definitely always use HomeBridge in the future! They rock!”
David M. June 2017
“Brandy and Ashley were exceptionally amazing to work with! We would like to return to HomeBridge again if we get to work with this same team! Thank you!”
Paul and Debra H. June 2017
“Brandy and her team are extremely knowledgeable, responsive and professional! They got our loan completed in three weeks! This is our second mortgage in four years and we had the same professional service both times! HomeBridge provided amazing service!”
James and Linda S. June 2017
“Brandy and her team provided very good service!  They were all competent and friendly people to work with!”
Brooks K. June 2017
“Brandy did an outstanding job!  This has been a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Calvin and Kathy K. June 2017
“Brandy and her team are simply the best!  This is the second loan that they processed for us and we were extremely happy with both experiences!  They stay on top of everything throughout the process!”
Zachary P. June 2017
“Brandy was very personable, friendly and prompt!  I really liked her timeliness and professionalism!”
Devon H. December 2016
“Brandy and her team were very friendly, they addressed all of our questions and closed our loan quickly!  They also negotiated with us to better meet our needs.  Keep on doing what you're doing!  Thank you!”
Debbie F. December 2016
“The Brandy Whitmire Mortgage team is fantastic!  Brandy is the most knowledgeable and pleasant person I have ever worked with and she is the reason that I continue to do business with HomeBridge!  It is always a smooth process and fantastic communication with this team!  Two thumbs up!”
Lisa M. December 2016
“I have worked with HomeBridge on my second home purchase and now a streamline refinance and the process was simple and easy each time!  They did a great job!”
Dianna B. and Darren M. December 2016
“Brandy provided great service and she always kept us informed of the status of our loan!  Thanks!”
Kelly and Matthew D. May 2017
“Brandy and her team were very responsive and provided outstanding service and interest rates!  We have used them for two mortgages so far and have never been disappointed!”
Alicia C. May 2017
“Brandy was prompt, efficient and knowledgeable!  She kept me informed and she explained the process to me.  She always answered all of my questions!  She did a great job and I am very impressed!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
David Y. May 2017
“Brandy and her team went above and beyond in assisting us throughout this process!  They made the transaction painless and all was great!”
Elisabeth A. May 2017
“Thank you for the coordination and teamwork everyone!  I appreciate you!”
Tyler and Sherida S. April 2017
“Brandy and her staff are amazing and on top of their game!  All of the documents were ready ahead of schedule and everyone was so organized!  Thank you for making this process smooth and easy!”
Mark and Jenny J. April 2017
“This is our second time working with HomeBridge and they seem to make the impossible possible!  They always worked closely with us to make it happen!  They make it work for our needs each time we use them!  Thank you!”
Robert and Cynthia L. March 2017
“Brandy was very communicative, honest, fair and friendly!”
Cara L. March 2017
“I had a great experience all around working with Brandy Whitmire!  She made this an easy process and provided great customer service!  I will definitely use HomeBridge again for any future needs due to this positive experience!”
Michael B. February 2017
“Brandy made this a smooth transaction!  She kept me informed along the way!”
Mark and Michelle B. January 2017
“HomeBridge is the best!  We love the customer service and the great rates!  Stay fantastic!”
Sergio and Cassidy L. December 2016
“Brandy and her team were extremely helpful and they walked us through the process step by step!  This makes it very easy to recommend HomeBridge to others!  They are great!”
Sergio and Michelle U.
“Brandy provided quick responses despite taking care of me from another city!  Everyone was kind and professional!”
Melody M. October 2016
“Brandy provided consistent communication and excellent service!  I felt safe and grateful to have her as my representative!  I will return to HomeBridge again in the future because of Brandy's expertise and excellent performance!  Thank you!”
Ross and Tara D. October 2016
“Brandy and her team were fantastic to work with!  They made this process very easy!  We would return to HomeBridge again because of the ease and simplicity of this transaction.  You all were great!  Thank you!”
Bradley and Yvonne F. October 2016
“Brandy and her team were courteous and reliable!  This was a great experience on all levels!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Arthur F. September 2016
“I have previously worked with HomeBridge and Brandy Whitmire and both of my experiences have been great!  They are always willing to help and answer all questions.  Thank you!”
Fernando and Corinne P. September 2016
“Brandy was very professional and willing to assist and guide us through this process!  Very efficient and gracious personnel in all areas at HomeBridge!”
Kinga P. September 2016
“Brandy and her team were incredibly efficient, attentive and completely professional!  There was a time, at the end of this process when my loan almost didn't happen because of the seller but, Brandy's team worked hard to make sure I knew that I was good and, I was!!  All-star team!  Thanks to Brandy, James, Ashley, Jessica and Kyla!”
Robert and Debra T. August 2016
“Brandy and her staff provided great communication throughout this process.  They worked hard to get the appraisal completed.  They were all enjoyable to work with!  This is our second time working with HomeBridge and both times have been positive experiences!”
Michelle B. August 2016
“Awesome team work by Brandy and her staff!  They provided great customer service.  HomeBridge is the best company to use!  Stay fantastic!”
Nathan and Rebecca V. August 2016
“Brandy got us a great rate and she made this process very easy!  She is the best!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Laura G. August 2016
“Brandy is amazing!  She was very responsive and always had my best interests in mind!  I have done two refinances with HomeBridge and I am very happy with the services that they provided!”
Angela D. August 2016
“The experience with Brandy and her team was easy!  They were very helpful and informative throughout the process!   They were all great to work with!”
Ryan and Michelle S. August 2016
“Brandy was very polite, professional and expeditious throughout this process.  She was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Darlene P. July 2016
“Brandy was friendly, knowledgeable and professional!  I was referred to HomeBridge by a Flight Attendant that I met.  I appreciated the customer loyalty!”
Douglas H. July 2016
“Brandy and her team were very efficient and flexible throughout the process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kevin and Jennifer R. July 2016
“Brandy and Angela have always gone above and beyond to make sure they work for what is best for our needs.  They are always so courteous and attentive!  We will always return to Brandy and HomeBridge for any future needs!”
Michael and Jane W. July 2016
“Brandy always goes above and beyond to help and is very knowledgeable!  We have worked with HomeBridge twice now and are always pleased with the service that they provide.  Thank you!”
Jason F. July 2016
“HomeBridge is awesome!  They have the best loan officers and processors around!  Thank you!”
Megan K. July 2016
“Brandy was always available and very attentive to my needs throughout the process!  She made this transaction, from start to finish a breeze!  She is a top notch professional!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jeremy R. September 2015
“Brandy provided such a quick and easy process!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others!  Thank you!”
Lonnie G. June 2016
“Brandy has handled several of our loans and is always extremely helpful and polite!  We will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Lakesha S. June 2016
“Brandy provided very professional and excellent services!  My questions were answered in a timely manner.  I was always provided with updates promptly.”
Cara L. June 2016
“Brandy provided wonderful customer service!  I had a truly exceptional experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Leonard and Michelle C. October 2015
“Brandy and her team were prompt, professional and informative!”
Michelle B. October 2015
“Brandy and her team provided awesome customer service!  HomeBridge is the best!  Keep up the great work!”
Timothy and Mercedes C. May 2016
“This was a very fast, efficient and easy process!  We will recommend HomeBridge to family and friends!”
Matthew C. May 2016
“Brandy and her team were very friendly and hard working!  These were great people that ensured that we got the right loan for our situation!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Beverly D. May 2016
“Brandy and her team provided exceptional customer service throughout the process!  Thank you!”
Patricia B. May 2016
“Brandy and her team made this process easy for the borrower.  The team respected that I had to do most communication by email due to my work schedule.  Easy processing and understanding from the HomeBridge representatives.  When I needed clarification they were always available to help.  I was very satisfied with the process!”
Mary G. November 2015
“Brandy was very knowledgeable, prompt and informative.  She kept me updated on the status of my loan.  I would definitely recommend Brandy and HomeBridge to everyone!  Great Service was provided!”
Bryan D. May 2016
“Brandy was very prompt, friendly, efficient and easy to work with!  Job well done!”
Terrie R. November 2015
“Brandy and her team provided clear, concise information and expedited service.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
David and Bonita P. December 2015
“Brandy and the entire team were excellent putting together our refinance.  I like the way HomeBridge does business!”
Joshua M. April 2016
“Brandy and the HomeBridge team was very helpful and patient with us.  They helped us to understand everything clearly.  This has been a great experience!”
Jonathan R. December 2015
“Brandy did a great job keeping me informed throughout the process.  She was very encouraging and professional.  This has been an excellent experience for me!  Thank you!”
Nicolasa M. January 2016
“Brandy and her team were all very helpful and efficient.  The process was way easy and took little effort on our part.  This HomeBridge team was very professional and quick!”
Benjamin and Josefina O. April 2016
“Brandy and her team were all very informative and provided great customer service.  They feel like family!”
Amanda and Russell S. January 2016
“Brandy and her team were helpful and wonderful with helping us through our refinance!  They did a great job for us!”
Audrey N. April 2016
“Brandy was very helpful, the process was easy and stress free.  Everything was smooth and efficient.  Thank you!”
Holly T. April 2016
“Brandy and her team have been very thorough, helpful and provided great customer service!  I would use HomeBridge again for future needs!”
Mandi and Jay H. January 2016
“Everyone at HomeBridge was very professional, prompt and easy to work with!  This was a great experience on our refinance loan!”
Oscar R. March 2016
“Brandy and her team were so helpful, encouraging and worked diligently to close our loan.  All details were explained thoroughaly.  Thank you!”
Susana and Samuel H.
“Brandy and her team made everything so fast and easy!  Everyone at HomeBridge was very professional and friendly!  We love Brandy!”
Marvin and Lana G.
“Brandy was always available to answer any questions I had, she was always friendly and prompt.  This has been a great experience for us!”
Lauren and Harold G.
“Brandy and her team were very helpful and knowledgeable.  This has been a great experience!  Thanks!”
Melissa and John G.
“Everyone worked hard and communicated well.  Brandy and her team had such a willingness to help and made it as easy as possible for us.  Thanks!”
Jonathan W.
“Since I have known Brandy I have been amazed at her ability to provide superior performance. She goes above and beyond to provide outstanding service to her clients. She is someone that I would want to have on my team.”
Mark O., Realtor
“Brandy handled a financing transaction in the past for a buyer of mine. She was prompt, courteous and professional. She always called back and made sure all the details were attended to completely.”
Jack B.
“Brandy has been a client of mine for the past 2 years as a representative we market in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex to prospective clients who are looking to purchase a home. Brandy is an ideal client, who I can always count on to handle the people who contact her in a timely and professional manner. Brandy has helped several home buyers in their desires to find and purchase a new home through our marketing program. I would recommend Brandy to any individual looking to establish a business relationship. Brandy will work tirelessly to help you achieve all of your real estate and financial needs”
Sam H.
“Brandy is a born leader. She displays top-notch personal accountability and drives the same message to her team. Brandy takes pride in developing and empowering her team members to reach the next step in their career. She consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to exceed her expectations. Any company would be lucky to have a leader of her caliber.”
Keely K.
“Brandy Whitmire is one of the most driven, hard-working, determined, personable, friendly, responsive and dependable people I know and have had the opportunity to work with.”
Kinga P.
“I have hired Brandy several times for her professional expertise. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Brandy is fantastic to work with, and I wholeheartedly recommend her on every professional level. She is responsible, innovative and honest. Her expertise and integrity cannot be overestimated.”
Steve J.
“Brandy was successful in generating new business and maintaining the existing business at a level that increased their purchases during her employment with our company. Her sales skills at convincing the customer to purchase and following up after the sale were excellent.”
Nick P.
“Wow, where should I start? Brandy is a cut above the rest as it pertains to her level of expertise in her field. She is highly informed about her local real estate market, allowing her clients to financially benefit from their home purchases. She is intuitive to their short and long term personal goals and exceeds expectation with a smile and a kind heart. Anyone who utilizes her services is in trusted hands.”
Jerry B.
“Intensity and ingenuity: what better description can be given to Brandy. Her tenacious desire for her clients' satisfaction was a constant inspiration.”
Ronaldo J.
“One word, "Impressed". I am Impressed with her vision of the task, I am Impressed with her drive to get-it-done, and Impressed with her results.”
Ted E.
“I had the opportunity to work with Brandy while working for Aerovoice. She is a very detailed and organized person who cares about providing her clients with the service and support they need. She is a quality person who does a outstanding job.”
Barry W.
“Brandy is a very reliable, self-motivated and driven individual that always gives 110%!”
Annette M.
“Brandy was a very diligent person to work with, and was always striving to have a significant impact in her role. With such a great personality, she will do well in her endeavors.”
Sampson T.
“Results! That's what Brandy delivered. While mortgage rates were high, Brandy worked diligently to get me an incredible rate to refinance my mortgage. I am saving about $400 monthly and will recoup my refinance costs in less than 20 months! The average time to recoup refinance fees from mortgage savings is 3-4 years. Her knowledge in mortgage lending/refinancing plus her expertise as a realtor make her the consummate professional to put people (and allow them to stay) in a great home. I hired Brandy last month and highly recommend her. I hope you will too.”
Nate T.
“I had a great experience with Brandy as the loan officer for my recent mortgage refinance. She was very detail-oriented and helped me out with each step thoroughly and efficiently. I highly recommend her to take care of your next mortgage or refinance!”
Victoria A.
“Brandy gives 110% of herself to provide the best results.. She went over and beyond giving me what I was looking for; she is consistent and persistent until the job is done. I will recommend Brandy to anyone who is looking to purchase or rent a house or apartment.”
Jacqueline D. Dallas, TX
“Brandy's response time is impeccable! I recently had a family member that took a job in the DFW area and needed to relocate within the week. I called Brandy, and within hours, she had him taken care of and scheduled to look at leasing houses with another contact of hers. She is an asset to anyone’s home buying (or leasing) process and will manage your time and assets like they were her own. Even though Brandy was not the one to help my family member directly, she made sure that he was taken care of. That's a true leader. Thanks, Brandy!”
Anonymous Lewisville, TX
“She helped me refinance my home in the summer of 2013. It was a nail-biter because rates were going up almost daily, and we had to move quickly to get everything done. She got the job completed!”
Anonymous Dallas, TX
“I have known Brandy for 5+ years and not one of my experiences with Brandy have been less than superb. She is consistent in her excellence and I recommend her to everyone. She stays up-to-date on all industry and market trends, remains current in her education in real estate and is the best at what she does. If you want to work with someone with YOUR best interest in mind, call Brandy. She takes her job seriously and it shows in the results. Amazing person, amazing results - every time.”
Anonymous Dallas, TX
“Brandy helped with all of my questions and was very attentive to my needs. I would recommend her to any and all of my friends and family. We worked through several different options and found what worked best for me.”
“I have watched and worked with Brandy for almost a decade, and she remains at the top of her field in customer service, knowledge, and getting deals done! She is results-driven and I would recommend everyone to do business with her!”
Anonymous Flower Mound, TX
“I had a great experience with Brandy as the loan officer for my recent mortgage refinance. She was very detail-oriented, and helped me out with each step. Her customer service was top-notch. From start to finish, her team that works with her was amazing with follow through. The whole process was much quicker that I had expected. I would recommend Brandy to anyone looking to purchase or refinance.”
Anonymous Gravette, AR
“Brandy is great to work with, and she found me a great deal during some tough home loan times. We closed the loan within a month, and I never left the house. She walked me through the process step by step and even followed up on numerous occasions to make sure all was fine. If I ever need a refi or a new loan again, I would start first with Brandy.”
Anonymous Arlington, TX
“I was a first time home buyer with less then perfect credit. Brandy and her team went so far above and beyond for my wife and I, I cant give her enough thank yous! She took the time to call, email and explain every step in the process with us. I will be happy to speak to anyone needing re-assurance on her and her team. I saved every email and can show you how GREAT she is. Brandy, seriously ... thank you. Without you, this wouldn't have happened and I firmly stand by that. Do yourself the favor - stop reading this and just call her already and get ready to be amazed as well.”
“Bandy is extremely professional. She was efficient, patient, accommodating and very knowledgeable. I would use her again without hesitation, and I have and would recommend her to all my friends and family.”
Anonymous Hampton, GA
“Brandy was excellent to work with. She was very responsive, thorough, and helped me work with all my 1000+ questions. I would highly recommend using her.”
Anonymous Dallas, TX
“Brandy helped us get a loan for a home which turned out to be a very complicated process because of the loan type.. She led us through the process, and we felt we were in good hands throughout the entire time. I would recommend Brandy with the highest regards, knowing she will do whatever it takes to make her client happy. Thank you so much, Brandy, for helping us get our new home. We couldn't have done it without you!”
Anonymous Crystal River, FL
“I would recommend Brandy for any real estate relationships. We purchased and closed via mail, email and phone calls. Brandy was always available, friendly and knowledgeable with our home purchase. She definitely put my mind at ease through the whole process!!! Thank you Brandy.”
Anonymous Manassas, VA
“Brandy is very professional, great to work with and quick to get business taken care of. I highly recommend doing business with her. Furthermore, I would trust Brandy to help me refinance and plan on working with her again in the near future to purchase a new home.”
Anonymous Dallas, TX
“Brandy was extremely responsive and kept me in the loop the whole time with my transaction. This transaction seemed overwhelming to me, but once we started it, I was put at ease. She made this easy for me, and it took a lot of the stress off of me. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a lender.”
“I had a fantastic experience working with Brandy to refinance my apartment. She can really work by prioritizing clients' interest over others, and secure the best mortgage terms for her clients.”
Anonymous Vista, CA
“Working with Brandy was wonderful! She kept in touch, is very knowledgeable, and kept her end of things very squared away. Every early contact we had, she insisted on doing everything she could to 'earn' my business and kept every word in the process. I would highly recommend her and will definitely call her back with any future needs.”
Anonymous Thornton, CO
“Brandy handled a cash-out refinance for me that greatly lowered the interest rate on my home loan. This was a difficult refinance to achieve the lowest interest rate because of a subordination of a $50k line of credit and several F&C owned real estate parcels. Brandy delivered on every term of the loan quote she provided and the loan was closed on time.”
Anonymous Addison, TX
“With Brandy, I have had a great experience every time. I had to count the number of times I've worked with Brandy, and to save time in writing a review, let me just show you the repeat business between 2008-2013 that I have asked her to handle for me: 2- primary home purchases, 1- investment home purchase, and 4- refinance loans”
Anonymous Herndon, VA
“I've worked with Brandy on multiple occasions and she has consistently provided the right product at a fair value, with exceptional service. She is always quick to respond and and precise in explanations, making the process of financing a home easy and worry free.”
“I processed one loan through Brandy and was so satisfied with her that I came back and processed an additional loan through her. She is a professional and efficient person who will get the job done for you.”
Anonymous SIlver Spring, MD
“Very friendly, responsive and easy to work with, but most important was the fact that she showed me the numbers up front and her number were by far better than the other offers I'd received! I've refinanced a few times, but never entirely over the internet. I've always had to meet with somebody at a brick-and-mortar building. Working with Brandy via email meant that I could correspond at times that were convenient for me, but she was always also reachable by phone. Highly recommended!!!”
Anonymous Austin, TX
“Brandy did an outstanding job with my loan. She went over and above to complete my loan. There was some difficulty getting my loan, and Brandy made the extra effort to make it happen at a rate that she had promised.”
Anonymous Dallas, TX
“Brandy was referred to me by a real estate agent who had a house listed in my neighborhood. After contacting Brandy, I was not only able to complete my refinance, but she was able to change my loan to a cash-out at the very last minute. Brandy was always responsive, and I never felt any uneasiness or discomfort when dealing with her. I knew she was in charge, and she was taking care of me. I have already recommended Brandy and HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. to another real estate agent that happens to be a friend, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and her organization to anyone in the future. She is a true professional.”
Audie N.
“Brandy was always willing to help when I had questions regarding my loan. I am a first time home buyer, so her help was invaluable. Everything went step by step, and now I am in my dream home. Thank you!”
Robin S. Austin, TX
“Brandy was a delight to work with on our refinance in 2012. She continues to send us updates and new information to keep us in the loop. If we decide to refinance again in the future, which is a possibility, we will only use Brandy Whitmire. She handled everything professionally, and we did not have to spend a great deal of time with the process. Thanks again.”
Susana M.
“Brandy Whitmire and her office were extremely helpful in our home buying process. She responds to emails/texts/phone calls anytime. She's a hard worker and knows the industry. Even with some hiccups with our loan, she took care of us and her prices are so competitive. I would work with her over and over again. Thanks Brandy!”
Jessica G. Sunset Valley, TX
“I unexpectedly found a house I LOVED and put an offer in on Saturday. I needed to have a pre-approval in the hands of the seller's agent on Monday at 10:00 AM. After attempting to go through my bank for the pre-approval, it became clear I wouldn't get anywhere over the weekend. At the suggestion of a friend, I reached out to Brandy. Brandy sent me the info she needed me to fill out, told me the items she needed, and had my pre-approval in my inbox in a of couple hours! Did I mention this was on a Sunday? Don't waste your time going anywhere else; you will get the best customer service and work with someone who is an expert at what they do with Brandy.”

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