About Brandon Ehrlich

Brandon has been a top performer and leader in the mortgage industry for over 15 years. He has qualified for President’s Club awards for 14 years. He has also been awarded the Chairmen’s Circle award 12 times in his career, which is reserved for the top 5% in the company. As a Vice President at Homebridge, Brandon also manages the largest mortgage branch in the company in addition to being a top performer.
Brandon grew up and was raised in the greater Seattle area and has lived here the majority of his life. For college he attended The University of Arizona, graduating in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance while also working full-time as a manager of the university’s football team.
“One of the most important things that a person can do when purchasing a home is educate themselves as much as possible about finance. This is without a doubt one of my favorite parts of what I do. There are so many myths about what we are supposed to do with our money and how we are supposed to manage our debts. It is my role to educate people about what makes the most sense for their personal circumstances while developing a plan that truly fits their needs.

In life and work, I am dedicated to providing my clients with the most beneficial loan program to fit their individual needs. A sound financial foundation begins with owning a home.”

What Our Customers Say About Me

Lindsey R. May-22
“Brandon, Molly, and Ashley were all super responsive, helpful, and easy to work with. They answered questions, provided guidance and ensured everything stayed on track with my loan. They were all a pleasure to work with and I'll recommend the team!”
Stephen C. Apr-22
“Brandon and his team are excellent. They are on top of their game in every aspect of the business and made the process easy and straight forward. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking to make a purchase or refinance.”
Michael E. Dec-21
Christopher B. Nov-21
“Brandon and his team were a pleasure to work with, and very responsive. Much appreciated!”
Elisabeth J. Nov-21
“He and his team, especially Molly, were wonderful to work with. They were prompt in their communications and I always felt I could go to them. They were super efficient and kind, I would absolutely go to them again in the future and recommend them to friends and family. Thank you!”
Benjamin R. Aug-21
“Honestly we couldn't have asked for a better experience given that we were literally 1600 miles away in New Mexico (where we bought the house) throughout this entire process.”
Juanita G. Jul-21
“I never talked to Brandon or had any communication with him. I worked solely with Tim Olsen who was excellent every step of the way!!”
Brandon C. Jul-21
“Thank you again for pulling things together with the unique closing situation and Ashley was especially great to work with in her email communications and interaction throughout this process!”
Nicholas R. May-21
“Great team. Brandon, Andy and Tim Oswin are exceptional at what they do. Thank you.”
Stephanie I. May-21
“I worked with Brandon and his team on a previous home purchase about 6-years ago. I was very satisfied with that experience, and was not in any way disappointed this time around. Brandon, Molly and Team and everyone at CW Title were a pleasure to do business with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others, and certainly would not look elsewhere for myself when doing business in the WA area. ”
Christopher W. Apr-21
“Brandon Ehrlich and his team are a strong addition to any team; they are exceptional resources, communicative, quick and very much client and relationship driven. I have worked with this team a half dozen times now and wouldn't buy a house or refinance with anybody else.”
Scott H. Apr-21
“Knowledgeable and efficient”
Juanita G. Jan-21
“I have worked with Homebridge now 3 times, 2 refinances and this current purchase. All three of those experiences were excellent. Nick Grasst in particular worked with me closely throughout and answered all of my questions quickly and accurately. I have worked with other broker and lenders and my experiences with Homebridge have been vastly superior in ease and accuracy and timeliness. I highly recommend and have recommended Homebridge to others.”
John K. Dec-20
“Brandon and his team provided the best mortgage financing transaction that I have experienced. Not only was the rate he found extremely competitive, the loan process and was clear and closed on time with no issues.”
Cristian G. Dec-20
“Wonderful support from Brandon and his team!”
RONALD S. Dec-20
“Thank you.”
John H. Oct-20
“Thank you Brandon!”
Amy W. Aug-20
“Brandon was extremely responsive and more than willing to explain our options and help us navigate the different choices. I appreciated his knowledge and confidence in the process.”
Melissa H. Aug-20
“Brandon and his team were fantastic to work with. They were easy to communicate with and were always available to answer any questions we had. We highly recommend Brandon and plan to use him in the future!”
Christopher B. Jul-20
“Brandon and Team did a great job! Nick Grasst was very helpful and responsive throughout! Thank you! -garth”
Collin H. Jul-20
“Brandon is great, and Homebridge made my refinance easy. COVID has definitely made things more challenging but we found a way to get a remote notary out and everything closed on time. The only issue that came up was the fact that rates did drop quite a bit over the course of the loan process and Homebridge wasn't in a position to lower my rate to where I had hoped it could be. Other than that, everything about the loan process was smooth, efficient and relatively easy. Thanks!!!!!”
Christopher B. Jul-20
“Brandon and Team did a great job! Nick Grasst was very helpful and responsive throughout! Thank you! Garth”
Anna E. Jun-20
“Brandon and his team, Nick Grast, made the process easy, clear and we are so happy with our little home! They made it all possible. We can't express our thanks in mere words.”
JULIA W. May-20
“Brandon and Nick are great. We will continue to use their services. Thank you!”
CORY L. Dec-19
“Brandon was extremely knowledgeable about the market, and guided me all along the way to ensure that I was getting the best terms for market conditions. I would definitely recommend Brandon to anyone looking to purchase a new home or refinance an existing home.”
Kevin Gibbons
“Brandon, Katie, Nick & Sophia were extremely helpful! They clearly explained the pre-approval process and answered all of my questions. They laid out the best loan programs and terms for my specific needs so we are fully ready to make an offer when the right house comes along. I would highly recommend Brandon & his team to any of my friends or family members who are looking for an experienced lender.”
John Hambacher
“This was our second transaction with Brandon and his team at Homebridge. Went very smoothly, even with a few wrinkles that happened just before closing. Fast communication throughout the process, and very friendly folks.”
miss suzq
“Brandon and his team were excellent. They were very patient with me to help me understand everything along the whole process. They also worked very quickly and felt they handled it all with my best interest at heart.”
Nate & Jen Fritz
“Brandon, Nick, and the whole team were a pleasure to work with every step of the way. They are organized and quick, with expert advice and follow-through. The entire process was smooth and exactly as they suggested, with no surprises. They worked with our real estate team seamlessly to help us come out on top, out of 10 offers, and win our home. Since first working with Brandon in 2004, we have received invaluable advice and great service. Thank you Ehrlich and Associates!”
Maria Marsans
“The Erlich team was on top of everything and quick to respond to all our questions and needs. They worked diligently to make sure we got all of our documents in order so that our loan could close on time. This was my second time working with this team and I've been very pleased both times.”
Brian Quist
“Brandon and his team were flawless on my loan. They were timely, very communicative and skipped the BS. this is my 4th home loan and I've had bad experiences with other lenders. So this review comes with experience. Seriously, solid team.”
Kevin Lyons
“My wife and I are sitting in our new home as happy as can be thanks to Brandon and his amazing team over at Home Street Bank. Where most banks take 25-30 days to close Brandon got the job done in 17 days. Their quick turnaround was instrumental in us landing our first home. It made our offer way more competitive. Working with the whole team at Home Street Bank was a pleasure. They were always quick to relay information and always took the time to walk us through any and all steps of the process. They were always on top of it and doing it with great customer service and a friendly attitude. We could not recommend then enough. If you are looking to buy a home then do yourself a favor and contact Brandon.”
Michael J
“Brandon and his team are fantastic and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a mortgage. They are super easy to work with and always available when needed (even on weekends). They were able to get a pre-approval letter furnished by Monday morning when I first applied on a Friday afternoon. They go above and beyond.”
Joshua Sabrowsky - Sales Director
“Brandon and his entire team are first class. They truly made the process easy and seamless for recent home purchase. Very friendly and professional- I would highly recommend them to anyone! ”
Dean Diavatopoulos - Finance Professor
“Brandon is the sharpest mortgage banker I have ever worked with. His knowledge of mortgage products combined with the efficiency of his team make for an unbeatable combination. He has my highest recommendation.”
Nicole & Edmund Doucette - General Contractors
“We could not recommend Brandon and his team more. The purchase of our new home was an easy and smooth process and we look forward to working with them again for our home mortgage needs. ”
Brian Erke - Product Manager
“Brandon and his team (notably Katie Deschenes) did a fantastic job on what turned out to be a relatively complex financing involving two business owners, and a very tight time table. The team creatively solved problems and continually broadened options at every turn. We're thrilled to have found and purchased our dream home!”
Rachael Knope
“I was very impressed with Brandon and his team's level of service and expertise. They were communicative, concise, professional and always there when I had a question or needed a response. It's clear that the entire team is detail-oriented and understands what it means to take care of their client. The whole team was prompt with their communication throughout the entire transaction, and always with such kindness and professionalism. I have purchased other homes in the past and I've never had this level of service. I would HIGHLY recommend Brandon and his team to anyone looking to acquire a loan.”
“I have worked with Brandon's team on numerous new home purchases and refinancing. They are very easy to work with, helpful through the process, and fully explain a very complicated process. I have recommended Brandon to numerous friends and coworkers for their mortgage needs. Also, Brandon really helps navigate through the process to recommend the best route to take to save me the most money. No doubt 5 stars.”
Tyler Laughery - Enterprise Sales
“Brandon and his team are thorough, thoughtful and professional. My wife and I got great advice in a volatile interest rate environment. I would recommend him to anyone. ”
Scott Matetich - Buyer
“I've heard many times from people about how stressful the home buying process is and about the lengthy financing requirements, so I was prepared for the worst. Fortunately for us, Brandon's team at Homebridge Bank were truly amazing. Nick was the associate who worked with us and he reassured us throughout the process and made me feel very comfortable by answering our many questions with an air of calm and confidence. The underwriter had additional questions for us but all was handled with ease and our accelerated closing went through on time. Kudos to the Ehrlich team! ”
Matt M - Attorney
“Brandon and his team handled our loan professionally and in some instances went beyond what I should reasonably have expected of them. One member of his team used his professional network to help us with the move, closing, and loan processing in ways you do not expect from a bank. I would gladly recommend their services to others.”
Rosanna Bradbury
“They did a great job!”
Erinn Rapp
“My husband and I were relocating to the West side. We decided to get a few Mortgage quotes to see what was the best fit for us. Brandon and his team were awesome. Very quick and professional to responsed to our emails and phone calls. We highly recommend Homebridge.”
Lauren Morgenthaler - Program Coordinator
“I worked with Brandon, Katie and the team to purchase my first house. They were exceptional. They were transparent, dedicated, and attentive to the entire process. They answered any and all questions I had and made me feel at ease throughout. I cannot recommend them enough. I trust them completely and feel so fortunate to have them in my corner when it comes to home ownership. ”
Patricia Johnson - Program Manager
“I had and have many options for financing and re-financing my home. However, due to Brandon and his team's expertise and customer service I will always consider them my only option. They have always taken in to account what is best for me. As a matter of fact I now make reference to Brandon as 'my guy" to family and friends, as in you're buying or refinancing..."I gotta guy". I highly recommend Brandon and team!”
Jim Romdall - Sales Manager
“Brandon has been an amazing ally and partner through two home purchases and one sale. He made everything simple and certainly earned our trust and business.”
Mike Paradis - Retired
“I have often called and asked Brandon questions about finances, real estate issues and personal guidance. He has unerringly guided my family successfully through many situations that arose where expert counselling was needed. My family's living experiences in the Puget Sound region have been enriched with his wise counsel and expertise. I will continue to utilize his input wherever life takes us. Thanks Brandon it it an honor and a privilege to call you my friend.”
Paul McQuiston - Owner of Alpine Appraisal
“Brandon has facilitated multiple refinances and purchases for me over the years. He and his team consistently perform on time and always deliver exactly what they say they will do. In addition it is always an enjoyable pain free experience due to prompt communication and extensive knowledge of the product. I will be back every time.”
Shawn Cahill
“I've used Brandon and his team for a number of loans and re-finances over the past decade and would definitely recommend them to family, friends, co-workers, etc. They are clear, consistent and timely with what needs to get done and when in order to close your loan. They never hit you with last minute surprises or have significant deviations from their quotes. They place an emphasis on customer service! All in all they make the process of working through your loan as simple as can be.”
Bernice Twigg - Student
“My husband and I's most recent real estate purchase was, at times, a little tricky. But Brandon and his team were there with us every step of the way! Attentive and intuitive; these guys took on more than their fare share of the stress of our transaction. At any little hiccup, they made us feel secure and well taken care of. We simply could not have asked for better representation. ”
Ryan Votaw - Vice President
“Brandon and his team were very helpful when I needed to get a pre-qualification! He was always there for any questions I had, and gave me advice when it was needed. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the perfect house and decided to wait to buy. When I want to get pre-qualified once more, I will definitely go back to see Brandon!”
Kevin M. - District Manager
“The team was great! They were always available when I had questions, went above and beyond when I had any requests and were overall very easy to work with. I highly recommend Brandon and his team to family and friends. ”
Devin Myers - Communication Specialist
“Brandon did an awesome job! Was responsive and helpful. ”
Gaard Swanson
“Buying, refinancing or securing a home equity line of credit is always stressful. Not with Brandon Ehrlich and his team. They were professional, accessible and always one-step ahead of a very challenging process. Brandon was on top of every aspect of our transaction. I've dealt with other lenders and have had disastrous results. Our experience with Homebridge was smooth and efficient! I highly recommend anyone considering a lender to use Brandon for your transaction. He's honest, fair and gives it to you straight--- no bologna! ”

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