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Bob Reisen’s background includes over 40 years of real estate and mortgage banking in Texas. Bob joined the industry while he was still an Air Force officer and a voluntary member of the credit committee at the Lackland Federal Credit Union (now known as the Air Force Federal Credit Union).
In 1974 he returned to civilian life to work at Fort Sam Bank as a commercial real estate lender. He then transitioned as a mortgage banker in the San Antonio area, where he has been ever since. Bob finds helping people realize their dreams of home ownership and achieving their financial goals very rewarding.
In 2008 Bob discovered the reverse mortgage program. It is unique among mortgage programs in that it offers senior homeowners a way to enjoy a more abundant life with greater financial flexibility and peace of mind.  Since 2008 he has educated and assisted senior homeowners with reverse mortgages exclusively.
Bob’s philosophy has always been to avoid focusing on making a living and, instead, focus on helping people achieve their goals. So far that approach has worked pretty well. If you are interested in finding out more about the reverse mortgage program, and are looking for someone who truly cares about what is best for you, give Bob a call.
Bob Reisen is a disabled Air Force vet. He is married and has four children and grandchildren, all living in Texas.
Currently Bob serves the Colonial Hills UMC as a Stephen minister, adult leader and chairman of the church council. He is also the board chairman of the Jefferson Outreach for Older Persons, which provides transportation, meals and other services to disadvantaged seniors in Bexar County.


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