About Bill Croteau

Bill Croteau is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. He understands how to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, Bill is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. Bill ’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let Bill bring your home ownership dreams to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

“Homebridge Mortgage and the team were absolutely amazing with us! Very professional, open and honest, process went smoothly and communication was wonderful! I will highly recommend to them to a friend or family member if they need a mortgage company! 100% satisfied! Thank you so much for absolutely everything!”
CRAIG B. Mar-20
“Great job. Thanks for all of your help! ”
ROBERT W. Dec-19
“Bill went really above and beyond and his knowledge was excellent in the financial world.”
Cristina B. Oct-19
“Lola and Bill were great and answered all my questions. Bill responded almost immediately to my texts day or night!. I was very nervous throughout, but they always made me feel like it was working out. Glad it's done and we have the house!”
Marta M. Sep-19
“As first time homebuyers we needed a lot of help as well as someone to explain the whole process to us, and every time we were worried about anything Johanna and Lola were there to help thanks so much for everything.”
Taryn M. Aug-19
“Bill couldn't have made the process any easier. He was patient, informative and throughly explained our options for our situation. I believe he had our best interest at heart, and instilled a level of trust right from the beginning. It was a pleasure working with him.”
Johanna C. June-19
“Bill and his team were amazing. Any time I had a questions throughout the process Bill responded very promptly. Always kept us informed about where we stood in the process. Definitely a very knowledgeable person and went above and beyond to ensure we closed. He was very organized, thorough, and professional and a really kind person which makes all the difference. We put our trust in him and the team, and they came through for us. He stands above the rest, Bill Croteau.”
Bianca V. June-19
“Bill made my mortgage process so easy. Being in the lending world my self I was shock by how quick and easy the process was.”
Paromita G. June-19
“It was really great to work with Bill Croteau and his team. They were excellent in keeping me informed regarding the loan process. Thanks to Bill in making the loan happen.”
Daniel C. March-19
“Polite, punctual and professional. I will recommend Homebridge solely due to my experience with Bill.”
Anthony D. April-19
“Couldn't be any happier with the help Bill provided.”
Alexis N. December 2018
“They were awesome.”
Kevin W. December 2018
“They were very friendly and helpful.”
Justin D. November 2018
“Very responsive to all my questions. Thorough on the mortgage application and approval process.”
Justin S. November 2018
“Best in biz.”
John G. November 2018
“Bill was great!”
Tomas A. October 2018
“Bill was great.”
Timothy B. October 2018
“Great service and very responsive.”
Ruben O. October 2018
“Great people to work with.”
Thomas C. October 2018
“Gave clear, simple instructions.”
Fabio R. September 2018
“Very professional. Gave us everything in great detail for us to understand as first time home buyers.”
John S. Aug-18
“Everyone we worked with on the loan was professional, efficient and knowledgeable.”
Devin L. Aug-18
“Great customer service. They were eager to answer my questions at all hours of the day.”
Donato M. Aug-18
Matthew M. Aug-18
“They were great!”
Devin L. Aug-18
“Great customer service. They were eager to answer my questions at all hours of the day.”
Donato M. Aug-18
Matthew M. Aug-18
“They were great!”
Devin L. August 2018
“Great customer service. They were eager to answer my questions at all hours of the day.”
Donato M. August 2018
Matthew M. August 2018
“They were great!”
John S. August 2018
“Everyone we worked with on the loan was professional, efficient and knowledgeable.”
Matthew M. August 2018
“They were great!”
Devin L. August 2018
“Great customer service. They were eager to answer my questions at all hours of the day.”
Donato M. August 2018
Lisa T. June 2018
“Bill was responsive and efficient!”
Liborio F. June 2018
“Easy to communicate / process.”
Rosner L. March 2018
“They were very informative and made sure we understood everything well.”
Katherine N. March 2018
“The HomeBridge team were professional and on point with everything!”
Sreeleksh U. March 2018
“I got great customer support from Bill and Ana. They were always there to help me if I had any questions.”
Angela R. March 2018
“Bill went above and beyond to assist me with getting my loan approved.”
Edgar B. March 2018
“Very professional.”
Noel L. March 2018
“The follow-up was given on time, administration and communication.”
Christine C. December 2017
“They were recommend and they were great to work with. ”
Scott R. December 2017
“Easy to work with. Informative and very helpful”
Winder L. November 2017
“The team was very helpful and wiling to explain all questions.”
Anthony J. November 2017
“Very clear and straight forward.”
Harrison D. November 2017
“Bill was great to work with. Very knowledgeable of the lending process.”
Christopher V. October 2017
“Great service.”
Amanda B. August 2017
“Bill was highly recommended to us by our realtor Robert Dopp. Bill and Rose were both very quick at responding and answering all of our questions! Thank you! ”
Paul and Kristen I. August 2017
“Bill worked very quickly and efficiently! He provided excellent service!”
Albert and Allisa M. August 2017
“From the beginning to the end of this process, Bill and his team were very helpful and knowledgeable! They provided prompt responses and they made the entire process very easy!”
Jennifer F. August 2017
“Bill worked fast and was always willing to help! He was very nice to work with and did a great job! Thank you!”
Gioconda C. July 2017
“Bill provided very easy communication and he made this process easy!”
Roseann B. July 2017
“Bill and his team were all very thorough, knowledgeable and helpful! They explained every aspect of this process well! ”
Lukasz B. June 2017
“Bill and his team provided excellent and prompt service!  Thank you!”
Nicole and Michael C. May 2017
“Bill worked very efficiently and I am satisfied with the way he handled everything!  Thank you!”
Shumail A. May 2017
“Bill and his team made the processing time really quick!  All of the paperwork and the procedure was done on time!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Stephen M. May 2017
“Bill and Rose were extremely helpful throughout this entire process!  Thank you!”
Wanda C. April 2017
“Bill was very helpful along with his staff answering questions that I had as a first time home buyer!  They provided very good customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lisa and Victor A. April 2017
“Bill and his team were very professional, answered questions promptly and worked diligently to get us the best rate possible!   They were so helpful and courteous!  Thank you!”
Veronica P. March 2017
“Bill and his staff were very helpful in getting our loan completed!  They made it a very easy process and I would gladly work with them again!”
Albert K. March 2017
“Bill and his staff were very timely with responses via email or phone.  They provided great communication and very personal service! Keep on doing what you're doing!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Paul and Leah C. March 2017
“Bill went above and beyond to help us get the mortgage type for our particular needs!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Richard M. February 2017
“Bill was very helpful! He always answered all of my  questions and concerns.  It was a pleasure working with Bill and the HomeBridge team!”
Raymond L. January 2017
“Bill provided prompt answers and great service!  He made this a smooth refinance transition!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Liane H. and Adam T. October 2016
“Bill and his team made this process as easy as possible!  Everything was handled quickly and accurately!  I had a very pleasant experience at HomeBridge and I would definitely use their services again!”
Monica R. September 2016
“Bill and his team provided quality customer service at every stage of this process!  They were very professional, responsive and honest!  Thank you!”
Veronica A. August 2016
“Bill was very easy to work with!  He was friendly and always ready to help with any questions or concerns!”
Maros and Irena P. September 2015
“Bill was very helpful and he always stayed in touch.  Any concerns that we had were addressed in a timely manner.  We had a very good experience at HomeBridge!”
Sergo and Alicia C. August 2016
“I have recommended HomeBridge Financial Services to numerous people already!  They have a very knowledgeable staff that provided great service from the start to the finish!  I will always use HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Sergo and Alicia C. September 2015
“Bill and his team have been so helpful and very knowledgeable throughout this process!  We are very satisfied with the service that we received from HomeBridge and we will definitely recommend them to others!”
Paul and Kristen I. June 2016
“Bill provided us with a smooth transaction and was very easy to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Tanisha G. June 2016
“Bill and his team were extremely helpful!  They provided open communication and were very clear.  I will recommend HomeBridge to others!  Thank you!”
William O. September 2015
“Bill and his staff were very professional, efficient and informative!”
Danielle and Shawn L. June 2016
“Bill was very helpful and professional throughout this process!  Everything was smooth and easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Brianna C. May 2016
“Bill and his team were very friendly and helpful throughout this process!  The transaction was very smooth, easy and fast!”
Mark N. May 2016
“Bill and his team were all great to work with.  They were very patient and helpful throughout this process!  Thank you all!”

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