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Being a successful loan originator is not about pushing paper along. It’s about nurturing relationships with clients and real estate professionals by explaining what happens next and why.


An experienced loan originator is proactive so the transaction goes as planned and knows what to do should something come up. She is constantly vigilant – always learning – and alert to changes in the lending and real estate markets and how they can help more people get into their new home. Relevant questions are asked and answers are heard so the loan originator can merge a client’s story to develop financing strategies and solutions.


These strategies assist the real estate agent to present the strongest possible offer on behalf of a buyer. A buyer feels confident that a loan already fits their financial goals before they find the house they love.


A trustworthy loan originator knows and is willing to say when it’s NOT the right time to originate a loan and what action steps should take place to help the buyer qualify in the future.


When a committed loan originator takes on a new client, whether it’s a customer or real estate professional, she is dedicated to the relationship for the long term and helps ensure all parties are completely satisfied.


A committed loan originator exceeds your expectations and makes you proud to recommend them to your friends and family.


That’s me.
And yes, my name is actually spelled that way – but pronounced “Angie,” – really.



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