About Angie Willis

With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Angie’s knowledge and expertise allow her to help each client find the right home loan to fit his or her needs. After graduating from Florida State University with a Bachelors degree in Business Management, Angie launched her career with Countrywide Home Loans and later worked at Wells Fargo. Her commitment to customer service and passion for helping clients is unparalleled in this industry, and she will work hard to make each customer’s dream of home ownership come true. She understands that buying a home is one of the largest and most important purchases in each customer’s lifetime, and her ultimate goal is for clients to be very comfortable and satisfied with their home loan. Contact Angie today to get started on your home loan process!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Brian F. June-19
“Angie was great. She kept me up to date, she answered the phone anytime I called, and responded to my email quickly. Her communication made the process easy.”
Hugo V. May-19
“Angela and the whole team are very easy to work with. They are always willing to answer all your questions.”
Shemayah P. December 2018
“This was an overall excellent experience.”
Candace H. December 2018
“Angie and Suzanne has always answered my calls and emails. They gave me answers to any questions.”
Mildred G. November 2018
“They treated me very well.”
Andrew C. November 2018
“Always answered my questions and constant communication during closing.”
Kenneth T. November 2018
“Angie was wonderful! She was thorough from start to finish in the mortgage process. Love her! She's great!”
Justin O. October 2018
“Responsive and efficient.”
Elizabeth P. September 2018
“Angie and Suzanne were very helpful and answered all calls and emails timely. ”
James M. September 2018
“Angie is a rockstar!”
Marssiel M. Aug-18
“Quick service and kept me informed along the way.”
Aubre K. Aug-18
“Closing costs, to the point, kept me informed.”
Zachary H. Aug-18
“Wonderful process.”
Marssiel M. Aug-18
“Quick service and kept me informed along the way.”
Aubre K. Aug-18
“Closing costs, to the point, kept me informed.”
Zachary H. Aug-18
“Wonderful process.”
Marssiel M. August 2018
“Quick service and kept me informed along the way.”
Aubre K. August 2018
“Closing costs, to the point, kept me informed.”
Zachary H. August 2018
“Wonderful process.”
Marssiel M. August 2018
“Quick service and kept me informed along the way.”
Aubre K. August 2018
“Closing costs, to the point, kept me informed.”
Zachary H. August 2018
“Wonderful process.”
Ruth L. June 2018
“We are very happy, they did a great job from the beginning.”
Robert M. May 2018
“Very efficient.”
Ekaterina K. May 2018
“Angie was wonderful throughout the process. She is very knowledgeable and highly professional!”
Lizbeth R. May 2018
“Great customer service and timely.”
Christopher B. April 2018
“Jessica kept me up to date throughout the process. It was easier than I expected.”
Baqueena W. April 2018
“Angie was very friendly and helpful! She always gave positive feedback.”
Stephen H. March 2018
“Great service, timely.”
Paul F. March 2018
“All persons, especially Angie Willis were fully responsive to my questions. I am completely satisfied!”
Darlin L. March 2018
“I was happy with the quick response as we were processing all the documents.”
Phillip J. March 2018
“Everyone was very helpful and went above and beyond to get us into our home.”
Michael C. March 2018
“Angie Willis and Bonnie Scates were very good to work with and very efficient.”
Michael C. March 2018
“Angie Willis and Bonnie Scates were very good to work with and very efficient.”
Christopher S. March 2018
“They did a great job!”
Brent M. January 2018
“They met all our expectations.”
Scott R. December 2017
“Awesome customer service.”
Luke W. November 2017
“Very helpful and courteous.”
Maria J. October 2017
“Great customer service.”
George and Eva K. November 2016
“Angie was very nice and pleasant! She answered all of my questions and provided very good customer service! I had a good experience at HomeBridge! Thank you!”
Edward R. August 2017
“Angie was very professional and she provided great service!”
Annemarie B. July 2017
“Angie is the best! I could call on her at any time and she would always call me back. Thank you for all of your help, you are the best!”
Linden and Beverly H. June 2017
“Angie was awesome! She was very helpful whenever I needed assistance and she was very customer friendly! We appreciate the great service and the competitive financing! Keep on doing what you are doing!”
Stacey M. June 2017
“Angie did a wonderful job!  Thank you!”
Jonathan and Stephanie G. June 2017
“From the first day that we interacted with Angie, this process has been a positive experience!  The communication was extremely fast and has exceeded all expectations!  Everything was super smooth and easy!”
Kimberly L. May 2017
“Angie was very prompt, knowledgeable and friendly!  She provided excellent service throughout the process!  She will be my first call for any other purchase!  She made a stressful process simple!  Thank you!”
Geraldine B. April 2017
“Angie was so professional and patient!  Explanations were concise and informative.  She was very courteous and friendly!  I would highly recommend Angie and HomeBridge to others!  Thank you!”
Edward and Anita C. March 2017
“Angie has been very efficient, kind and willing to do anything for us!  She answered all of our questions or concerns quickly.  It has been a pleasure to work with this HomeBridge team!  They provided great customer service!  Thank you!”
Amanda S. March 2017
“Angie was very nice and she provided detailed information!  I had a great experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Marco and Chantal D. February 2017
“Angie is such a hard worker!  She made our process smooth.  She helped us so much and went above and beyond to give us exceptional service!  She was so reliable and quick to answer our questions!  She provided great service and we loved working with her!”
Louis and Patricia B. December 2016
“Angie provided us great service!  Copies were made of all our documents and delivered safely back to us.  She was quick, pleasant and professional!  She was very patient and polite which made this process much easier for us, the customer!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Daniel L. December 2016
“Angie and her team bent over backwards to get this loan done prior to year end!  Keep up the good work!  Thank you!”
Andrew B. January 2017
“Angie was always prompt and easy to contact!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Mark H. February 2017
“Angie and her team worked fast and got it done!  I am very pleased with the speediness of this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Ronald and Deborah B. January 2017
“We also worked with Angie 18 months ago when we purchased our home and she was great!  We will return to HomeBridge again in the future because of Angie.  She sets HomeBridge apart from other mortgage companies!   Thank you!”
Leigh and Mark M. January 2017
“Angie and her team were very friendly and provided excellent service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Joan and Paul J. September 2016
“Angie and her team were so professional and courteous!  We had an enjoyable experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Robert and Linda H. August 2016
“Angie and her team made everything as easy as possible!  They were very pleasant and efficient all of the time!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lindsay P. August 2016
“Angie and her team worked hard and made sure that I was happy!  They were awesome to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Myriam D. July 2016
“Angie and her team were all very helpful and quick to respond.  They were wonderful to work with!  I had a great experience at HomeBridge!  Thanks!”
Sarah S. July 2016
“Angie and her team were very easy to work with!  They were very knowledgeable, friendly and informative !  They always stayed on top of everything to make for an easier process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Steven and Amanda P. July 2016
“Angie was very helpful, professional and accommodating!  We will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Ivan and Rita V. October 2015
“Angie was very helpful throughout this process.  She got us a good rate and provided quick responses to any questions that we had.  We received very good service at HomeBridge!”
Jacob S. October 2015
“Angie was extremely responsive, available and provided personalized attention to detail!”
Juan and Maritza H. October 2015
“Angie and her team provided fast and professional service!  The process was smooth and easy!”
James M. November 2015
“Angie and her team were extremely helpful, efficient, communicative and professional.  They made home buying an enjoyable process!  We would recommend anyone buying a home or refinancing a home to HomeBridge!  Thank you to all who handled our loan!  Great service was provided!”
Edward and Margarete D. November 2015
“The loan process went so smoothly.  Everyone involved was so nice and professional!”
Fred and Sally M. December 2015
“Angie was very personable and easy to work with.  She made everything easy and was very thorough throughout this process.  Excellent customer service was provided.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Leland and Katherine R. April 2016
“Angie was very efficient, organized and friendly throughout the process.  She was very thorough, timely and knowledgeable!”
Melanese W.
“Angie handled all information in a timely manner, she was very thorough and professional.  This was a smooth process.  Excellent customer service was provided!”
Alex K.
“Everyone that we worked with at HomeBridge was amazing! my next loan will be with HomeBridge!”
Robert and Karen S.
“Angie was great to work with as were her team, they were all very professional.  Closed early which was great!”

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