About Andrew Sobers

Andrew Sobers is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. He understands how to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, Andrew is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. Andrew’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let Andrew bring your home ownership dreams to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Jendolyn S. Feb-22
“I just want to say thanks”
Ketia P. Feb-22
“I was very satisfied with the services provided by Homebridge and the team that worked on my file. They were professional, prompt and accurate. I definitely recommend Homebridge.”
Sanjay W. Feb-22
“Andrew Sobers team are top notch you should be very proud to have them working for the people! They really take the worry out of home buying.”
Kesson F. Feb-22
Fitzroy B. Jan-22
“Andrew, Joe and the team was very informative, responsive, and attentive to the entire loan process. I was VERY satisfied with how the entire process was shepherd and would highly recommend the team. I do not have social media presence nor post online. Thank you for a smooth process from start to finish.”
Geneile T. Jan-22
“Andrew and his team did a great job at getting me a lowered interest rate. They were professional, knowledgeable, offered great customer service and communication throughout the entire process.”
Richard M. Jan-22
“We met Andrew Sobers 2018, he was able to guide us to get to this point. He very knowledgeable, make himself available to answers all of our questions, and very pleasant. He never makes us feel like we should already know yhe answer. My husband and I really enjoyed the experience working with Andrew and his team. They made the experience seamless. We will definitely coming back for our next purchase. Thanks!! ”
Nordia M. Oct-21
“It was a delight working with Andrew Sobers and his team during my first home-buying process. All were knowledgeable, professional and went above and beyond. A big thanks to them.”
Ester B. Oct-21
“I heard of Andrew long before I met him. He worked with my brother during his home financing more that 10 years ago and has worked few more times with him as well as my other brothers. I had been thinking about refinancing for a while and when by brother suggested that I look into Homebridge financial. He introduced me to Andrew at a gathering and Andrew shared some insight and expertise. A year later I decided to work with Andrew and I must say the experience was as smooth as I hoped it to be. Whenever I had a question that I needed answer to, he provided with a clear communication. Thought he had a few other people working with him on my account, communication never lacked. From any of them. I was happy with the entire process beginning to end and I look forward to working with Andrew soon. I give Andrew and his team a solid 10 for their clear communication, smoothness, thoroughness and the process of this refinance. Thank you Andrew, Joe, Anthony. ”
Keenan S. Oct-21
“Andrew Sobers and his team were very professional and helpful throughout the entire process. I have used them in the past and will use them in the future for mortgage services.”
Job N. Sep-21
“Andrew Sobers was very approachable and available at all hours. He's very knowledgeable and he is a valuable asset to Homebridge.”
Suzette C. Aug-21
“From end to finish, my home buying process has been smooth. Andrew was very informative. He send emails on my dos and don't. Which was very helpful. He answered all of my calls. He was very patient.him and his team all had a part to play. And they all played it well. Cutos to Andrew for not making me feel nervous throughout this process.”
Farah R. Jul-21
“Andrew Sober and Joe Brunet are the best. They made the process very simple.”
Desiree T. Jul-21
“The Homebridge team took care of me, ( I am a first time homebuyer). Andrew, Joe and Anthony were always available for my constant questions and was always very patient and understanding.I will always be grateful to them for working with me to purchase my first home.”
Robina N. Jul-21
“I want to say thanks to Andrew Sobers and his team. In this pandemic it's sigh of relief for us.They made our dream true. Home bridge did a wonderful job.”
Margaret L. May-21
“Andrew Sobers was readily available to answer my question. If I misses something throughout the process he informed me what I needed. In fact Homebridge Financial Service Inc was most helpful (Donna, Joe, Marco, Jazmine and Justin). I have recommended Homebridge Financial Services Inc: to two persons I known Thank you”
Jason A. May-21
“Andrew was extremely helpful every step of the way. He made the experience feel very personalized and was reliable and quick with his responses”
Abdulateef O. May-21
“I want to use this opportunity to express my appreciation to Andrew Sobers and Joe Brunet for the wonderful job they did helping us get a home. I recommend Homebridge Financial Services to anyone looking for professionalism and a good rate. Looking forward to patronizing you guys in my next home.”
Conceicao R. May-21
“I have been working and closing deals with Andrew Sobers for the past 13 years both for myself and for my clients. I am a real estate broker by trade. Always great working with him!”
John C. May-21
“Andrew one of the most Profesional, humbled and experienced individual I have ever worked with. From the beginning to the end and even after the closing we staid and will continue to be connected as I am and will continue to send him referrals of good candidates for mortgages. I am the forth siblings working with him and I have one more of my siblings to start the process. I have nothing but respect for Andrew”
Mia C. May-21
“Andrew Sobers is a very experience professional and gets the job done every time!”
Dana C. Apr-21
“Thank you to the Homebridge team for working with me on the purchase of my first house.”
Abadur R. Apr-21
“Andrew and his team were incredibly professional, studious and knowledgeable. The team made itself available to answer questions, and followed up to see if they could along in any way throughout the process. Words can't express the gratitude I would like to express to the team. Thank you for your commitment, care and professionalism to making our family's dream of homeownership into a reality.”
Jimm G. Apr-21
“Andrew Sobers went above and beyond to make the loan process as smooth as possible. When ever I had any questions Andrew would always answer in a timely manner. Andrew had a very helpful team that was very supportive and would answer any questions I had. I will definitely be referring Andrew to all my friends and family because I can assure that they will be in good hands.”
Wendy G. Apr-21
“I just want say that I have worked with Andrew Sobers and his team at homeBridge financial and they have exceeded expectations will definitely use them again.”
Jonathan R. Mar-21
“I look forward to continued work with you and your team. The best I can do now is to refer people I love and trust to you, because I know they are in good hands.”
Natasha L. Mar-21
“All parties involved were great. They made the process easy. Each of them took the time to communicate any/all issues. They were always prompt with email responses and telephone calls. They were a GREAT team! Thank You Andrew, Jazmine, Jennifer and Joe!”
Anthony B. Mar-21
“I was really satisfied with your service,”
Rooberlyne C. Feb-21
“Dear Andrew and the Team, It was an absolute pleasure working with you all. I could not be happier. I am very happy that I now own my home thanks to you and your team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience and dedication.”
Denise C. Feb-21
“Andrew, Jennifer and John thank you so much for you help in all aspect of my home journey. It was a pleasure working with you all. John that you so much for staying late to accommodate my schedule. Andrew from start to finish you had all the answer to my questions, it did not matter how much time I called. Jennifer I must also complement you too for alway have the answer to my many questions. Andrew you are surrounded by a professional team. I can't leave out my Realtor so Profesional and knowledgeable of ever aspect of her job.”
Regine J. Feb-21
“I thought my team at home bridge assisted my husband and I so well during this process. This experience was far better than what we've had in the past with other places. Thanks again guys!”
Jacqueline T. Jan-21
“It was my first refinance and was very pleased”
Haynes M. Jan-21
“My family and I would like to thank you Andrew along with your willing and eager to assist staff very much in the Refinancing of our home at such a excellent rate.”
Sophia K. Jan-21
“The HomeBridge was really patience and really guided me through this process. They were always available for questions and were great at keeping me informed.”
Sheldon A. Dec-20
“I have worked with Andrew for years even prior to Homebridge. He is very professional and very knowledgeable. He has helped me with my first ever mortgage and many family and friends over the years. I have heard nothing but great things about him. A true asset to your team.”
Jerome G. Dec-20
“Thank you to Andrew sobers, Joe burnet and my realtor Dee Rodrigues for being very informative and positive on this new journey with my first home.”
Abeje A. Dec-20
“The team I worked with was excellent! I spoke to very team member either through email or phone. I love that Joe could answer all my questions and followed up on a few confusing bits of information in my CD. We were delayed in the closing by a day but the team kept me informed on what the hold up was. Thank you Andrew, Jazmine, Jennifer, Joe and Sarah!”
Andria B. Dec-20
“Andrew was very helpful in my loan process he was very accurate and detail with his information his, There is always someone to talk to in the office Joe was excellent excellent customer service.”
Michael E. Nov-20
“Andrew was great! Very responsive and supportive thru the whole process.”
Daisy D. Nov-20
“Andrew Sobers and his staff are great. We have used Andrew multiple times for our home loan needs and highly recommend him to all of our close friends and family.”
Sylvia B. Nov-20
“over all very satisfied with my experience .”
Hevanie R. Oct-20
“I have a awesome experience with my home buying team . Everyone was nice and helpful all the way through . Andrews , Joe specially who never gave up on me , Joe always there and willing to to go above and beyond . Joe has to drive all the way to my house to pick up documents . It was though and frustrated but at the end well done . Big thank you to you all , you made my dreams come true . Thanks .”
Robert T. Oct-20
“Andrew Sobers is super professional and you can see his passion for what he is doing. Me and family feel lucky to have Andrew on the process of purchasing a home since He was very informative and willing to help and answer our question in general. Andrew Sobers - you and your team are the best. Thank you so much!!!”
Clifton J. Oct-20
“May God Bless you, your family and your Homebrige Financial Services team. Thanks Clifton ”
Sherma S. Aug-20
“Andrew is a great professional who uses each contact to educate his customers about loan processing, interest rates and economic trends. He knows his stuff!”
Pelagie N. Aug-20
“Mr. Andrew Sobers is a great person to work with. He takes times to answer any questions you have. Makes you understand what you are doing, so you can be proud of yourself. Because I wasn't sure of what I was doing until he explain everything to me. I will work with Mr. Andrew Sobers again, because he knows how to make me feel comfortable and proud of myself. That means a lot to me .”
Karima W. Aug-20
“Andrew, Along with his team were very helpful and dedicated to helping me throughout my entire process! Thank you for your exceptional service and teamwork!!”
Celine M. Aug-20
“Andrew was very responsive and provided the guidance that I needed as a first-time home buyer. I appreciated his professional and friendly attitude and always responded to my calls and emails promptly. I will definitely be contacting him again for any future home financing needs and will recommend him to my friends as well. Thank you, Andrew!”
Shylanda J. Jul-20
“Andrew is Great. He is very knowledgeable, he will do his part to make it as smooth as possible.”
Jocelyn P. Jul-20
“I am thankful Andrew Sobers for a such good job he did. He was very motivated. He made the process was really fast. Once again, thank you to all the staff of "Home Bridge Financial Services".”
Melissa C. Jun-20
“Andrew Sobers is very clear and thorough! I came to Homebridge after being denied a week before closing from a different bank completely. I though I had not saved and calculated enough. Andrew was thorough in running through my numbers, sources and condo docs to assure himself that I would qualify before starting the process. This was all done in a short matter of time!”
Ann K. Jun-20
“Thank You!! Job Well Done!!!”
Josue A. Jun-20
“It has been a great pleasure and privilege working with Andrew Sobers as my first and only loan officer. Over the years I have had great pleasure to refer multiple first time homebuyers to Mr. Andrew. He is a man of integrity and extremely professional. He will listen and give you advice along the way. I am beyond blessed to work with you during the purchase of my home 5 years ago and two refinance so far. Thank you and keep up the great work. Josh Altidor, Boston,MA”

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