About Abel Fregoso

Abel Fregoso Jr. is a mortgage industry veteran. With 34 years of experience, he has helped many customers navigate the path to their homeownership dream. His goal is to help you get there too.

Abel grew up in San Diego and now lives in Temecula. He is an active member of his community, donating to the United Way, and is a platinum member of NAHREP (National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals). He is also a graduate of San Diego State University where he earned a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. He was one of the first Latino students to graduate from SDSU Business School.

Whether this is your first home or your fourth, whether you are buying or refinancing, Abel will be there for you throughout the process. Please call Abel for all your home financing needs.

Contact Abel Fregoso Anytime
Feel free to contact Abel anytime by phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Abel Fregoso will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Mark C. Aug-20
“I dealt exclusively with Christopher Campbell. I was pleased with everything he did. He was thorough and professional. It was a pleasure dealing with him.”
Mohammad P. Jul-20
“I would like to give my comments around the service provided my Abel. It was amazing if this was yelp he deserves 100 stars. He was thorough in his approach and also guided and supported me all through this process. I feel that Abel is one of the biggest reasons why I was able to cope with the whole process. Thank you Abel for your continuous support and guidance”
Barbara P. Jul-20
“Abel Fregoso provided excellent client service. Very intelligent and competent with a very pleasant disposition. I will bring a couple more loans to Abel shortly!”
Olivia O. Oct-19
“Very satisfied with Abel Fregoso. Always keeping me with any updates and made this happen on my REFINANCE. Excellent Job !!!”
Sara S. Shermam Oaks, California
“Yesterday marked a milestone for my family. We got the keys to this wonderful home in Sherman Oaks. What is so important to take notice of is that I was able to buy this house on my own as an independent woman. I had a village of support throughout the crazy insane process starting with my amazing real estate agent, Leah Regan, who found the house and negotiated brilliantly for my. I had a wonderful lending team in Abel Fregosa Jr. and the Homebridge team. My family and friends have also been there with moral support and guidance throughout. The house is a fixer, it is small, and needs alot of work. However, the kids will have their own rooms , a yard to play sports in, do cartwheels on, and it is mine. Cheers to home ownership, cheers to all the single ladies out there buying houses, and cheers to all the real estate agents/lenders who help their clients achieve the dream of home ownership. The pride I feel right now is overflowing.”

Our Latest Thinking

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