Athens, GA

Rick Floyd

Executive Vice President

“If we shift our attention to what could go in our favor, and away from constantly worrying about what could go wrong, we would look at the future in a whole new way! Viewing the future as a world of potential rewards is the right way to push ourselves forward.”

With more than 28 years of mortgage banking experience, Rick treasures his role as a leader and coach. As a partner and Executive Vice President of Homebridge Financial Services, he oversees the company’s retail sales, operations, training, and marketing teams. Like many who have been in the mortgage industry for more than 25 years, Rick has held many positions along the way. Regardless of his role, he has held fast to the same mantra throughout his career. “Attitude, passion, and enthusiasm” for not only the industry but also for the associates he is privileged to lead.


“I truly believe that as a leader it is my job to place people in the position where they can and will be most successful. Finding out exactly what motivates and drives each person is so important. I enjoy discovering those things and then using them to inspire and encourage those on our team. I strive each day to bring value, transparency and integrity to all of our associates through leading by example. I want to empower and inspire them through my own commitment to excellence while expecting the same in return.”


Personally, Rick has been married for 32 years to his wife, Andrea. They have two children, Brittany and Tanner, and recently added a new son-in-law, Austin. A die-hard Georgia Bulldog, Rick and Andrea live in Athens, Georgia and in their leisure time they attend as many University of Georgia sporting events as possible. They also enjoy traveling, taking part in the many activities the Athens area has to offer, and spending as much time as possible with their children.