Scottsdale, AZ

Matt Kingsborough

VP, Regional Leader

“Visualize your end goal, but remember that it’s all about the journey. Often, the destination gets overrated anyway! It’s really about the person you’ve become on the road to your endpoint.”

Matt started in the mortgage industry in 1997, closing over $60 million in his first year. Within two years, he was a partner in a large mortgage brokerage company and expanded his California-based company to Nevada and Arizona. Between 2000-2013, Matt closed an impressive average of $100 million a year while building mortgage teams and offices.


Matt’s leadership style is allowing his team autonomy while also remaining an accessible mentor, giving everyone the resources, coaching, and guidance, they need. Matt believes in his 51-49 rule, always giving at least 2% more than anyone else is giving so others feel his support and passion in the workplace.


Matt loves Homebridge’s executive team and how the company adapts to the times. He values the innovation his region has to offer. Their ability to grow their credit union division and reverse mortgage division is a large part of their continued success.


Matt has been married 4 years to his best friend, whom he reconnected after 25 years. They have a Goldendoodle puppy named Lambo. He loves anything outdoors and active including golfing, mountain biking, and skiing.