Vancouver, WA

Jeff Schaller

VP, Regional Leader

“If you do the right thing, the right thing will happen.  Even when it’s the hardest thing!  This is what defines ones character”

With over 28 years in the mortgage industry, Jeff has had the opportunity to experience its ups and downs. Each shift has given him clearer insight into what it takes to create a successful team. He tends to lead from the heart, which means understanding his role in serving others, providing autonomy, and consistently mentoring and coaching. These are a few of the core values that Jeff tries to implement every day:

– Putting our clients first. Always.
– Working together as a team for each other’s success.
– Doing the right thing, knowing that sometimes it may be the hardest thing.
– Treating each other with dignity and respect.

Jeff is originally from Missouri but moved to the Vancouver, Washington area when he was young. He is married with a blended family of five children between ages 16 to 26 and values spending as much time as possible with his family. Jeff is interested in pretty much any sport and loves to play golf, ski, travel and run.