Documents You’ll Need

You'll need a few documents to process your loan application and at closing.

Here’s a quick look at the documents that you’ll need to pull together.

  1. Copy of drivers license and Social Security card.
  2. Address(es) for the past two years. Borrowers who have been renting may be asked to get a letter signed by your landlord verifying that you’ve been paying rent and that you’ve paid it on time.
  3. Employment for the past two years. We’ll need name(s) and address of each employer along with more information on any gap in employment.
  4. Income for the past two years. The fastest way to do this is to provide your last two tax returns along with copies of your pay stubs from the past two months.
  5. All money-related assets. You will be asked to provide the last two or three months’ statements from all checking accounts, savings accounts, money market, IRA, mutual fund and brokerage (stock) accounts.
  6. All debts. HomeBridge will pull your credit report to reveal the information we need on credit card debt, installment loans (like student loans), car loans and your current mortgage and home equity loans if you’re refinancing.
  7. The Sales Contract. HomeBridge will need a copy of your original purchase agreement.

Specific situations provide additional documentation, including:

  • Income from child support or alimony
  • Self-employed borrowers
  • Borrowers owning investment properties
  • Borrowers with a previous bankruptcy
  • Divorced or separated borrowers
  • Proof of VA eligibility

Your HomeBridge Mortgage Loan Originator will keep you posted on all documentation needed to ensure your path from application to closing is easy and hassle-free.