Associate Testimonials

HomeBridge Financial Services has a powerful combination of deep industry expertise, financial stability, commitment to efficiency and the right people making it happen every day that sets our company apart.


Teresa Erste

Joined HomeBridge
September 2013
Loan Processor
Orlando, FL


The HomeBridge Difference HomeBridge cares more about the customer than any other lender I've worked for. The company listens to its associates and actually considers and implements ideas and suggestions.

Teamwork I love coming to work each day because my team is like a family. We take care of each other, but we also push each other to succeed.

Customer Commitment We believe in our commitment. We don't just say something to sound good, we act on it every day!


Colleen Mitchell

Joined HomeBridge
June 2012
Mortgage Loan Originator
Maitland, Florida


The HomeBridge Difference The leadership team and the people.

Teamwork Everyone at HomeBridge works together to make sure that every client has a smooth closing process. Business partners refer clients to us because of this teamwork, because they are confident in our process and the company.

Customer Commitment Most of our competitors can't compete with what Homebridge has to offer in terms of processing, products, turn times, etc. Our Net Promoter Score is a result of everything that goes into building the perfect culture, the perfect platform.


Laura Lopez

Joined HomeBridge
September 2011
Loan Processor
Hackensack, NJ


The HomeBridge Difference The mortgage industry can be stressful, hectic, overwhelming and completely crazy. But the atmosphere and people at HomeBridge work to minimize the hazards of today's operations environment.

Teamwork HomeBridge associates do whatever it takes to fulfill the American Dream. Ultimately, the operations team works countless hours to ensure that every borrower is happy and no closing dates are missed.

The HomeBridge Mission We are all committed to the company's success and to each other. We are a well-oiled machine. If one part is broken, then we can't continue until it is back up and running.


Justin Wood

Joined HomeBridge
April 2012
Dallas, TX


The HomeBridge Difference At HomeBridge everyone is working toward a common goal. And it's not just to close a loan and move on but, rather to become the true "Partner for the Path Ahead" for our customers and business partners. At HomeBridge I know that I'm part of something bigger than myself, and it is an honor to work with this group of professionals.

Teamwork Our customers and business partners should describe their experience as positive, informative and fulfilling. Our West fulfillment center continues to get loans from application to closing, day in and day out, while being mindful of closing dates. Our Net Promoter Score is a reflection of this hard work and dedication to meeting client requests.

The HomeBridge Mission HomeBridge associates have a way of transforming their level of care to motivate those around them and bring everyone's performance to the next level. There is nothing more motivating than knowing that the person next to you is working to do their best, ultimately making your team the best it can be and driving the overall success of the group.


Kevin Pierce

Joined HomeBridge
July 2013
Mortgage Loan Originator
Plano, Texas
Loan Originator Profile Photo


The HomeBridge Difference Bottom line and no questions asked, we care about people and we close loans. We work day and night, rain or shine, to get our clients closed on time.