To improve your kitchen, consider adding a nook, redoing the floor or adding an appliance garage. These three projects don’t require much effort, but they can positively impact how you live and, most importantly, cook in your kitchen.

These projects can range from DIY to more serious work that requires a contractor. A renovation loan can provide the funding you need for more significant changes.

Adding a cozy nook to your kitchen

Creating a nook only requires that you take an empty corner of your kitchen and add some seating that makes the most of the small space. This can easily be done by adding furniture that matches the décor of your kitchen and maximizes the use of the area. However, you can always go further by customizing your upgrade.

Consider talking to a contractor or a professional workworker. They may be able to create something beyond what you could get in a store while allowing you to add changes that fit your personal style.

Cabinet bench seats are an example of what you can create with a renovation professional. By adjusting storage size to your needs, you can make sure the cabinets will hold the items you want to keep out of sight. And by choosing their materials, or mixing materials, you have complete control over their style.

Renovate your kitchen’s flooring

A key component to creating the kitchen you want is right under your feet. The flooring of your kitchen is not only a practical matter (where else would you walk?), but it’s the unsung hero of style and function in your home.

If your floor needs a redo, it’s a good idea to leave it to a professional floor installer. Working with them, you can choose the colors, patterns and even textures that you feel will match your vision for a kitchen renovation. Below are three kinds of flooring you might want to consider.

Hardwood flooring: These are crafted from a solid piece of milled wood. Popular varieties include maple, oak, walnut and cherry. Hardwood is versatile and desired by many homeowners because of its visual appeal.

Tile flooring: Tile flooring is a popular choice for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens. The most common types are ceramic and porcelain. Tile is water-resistant, durable and comes in various styles and colors.

Vinyl flooring: The technology behind today’s vinyl flooring is relatively new. Being on the cutting edge, it delivers highly water-resistant and damage-resistant protection for your floor. They can also mimic the look of wood or tile.

A kitchen renovation that clears the clutter

An appliance garage is a solution for homeowners whose kitchens have become overrun with various countertop gadgets. They’re a stylish closet to keep your items out of sight during a dinner party or a regular Wednesday afternoon when you just want to see what your kitchen looks like under your appliances.

These can be a DIY project like cabinet bench seats, but because appliance garages will be much more integrated into your existing kitchen setup, it may be a good idea to contact a contractor.

Choosing the right renovation loan

To realize your vision of an improved kitchen, you should consider two renovation loan options: FHA 203(k) loans and Fannie Mae HomeStyle®. Both are incredibly versatile and allow you to take your kitchen upgrades to the next level.

As a homeowner, you are in the driver’s seat when choosing how to fund home improvement projects. Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to move forward, reach out to me.

As a Mortgage Loan Originator in one of the nation’s top renovation lenders — Homebridge has been named a top FHA 203(k) lender by HUD for the last four years — I understand how to deliver service that provides the personal touch your goals require.

Contact me today to get your kitchen renovation started!

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