Homebridge’s Diversity & Inclusion Advisory and Support Council

In our continuing efforts to create a more equitable workplace, Homebridge established its Diversity & Inclusion Advisory and Support Council.

This group will have two primary roles. First, to serve as a think tank for initiatives that will help foster and grow D&I at Homebridge. Second, the council will act as a support group that provides honest and open feedback, suggestions and opinions to the Diversity & Inclusion management department.

With the Diversity & Inclusion Council, Homebridge joins many others who understand the necessity to collaborate internally on D&I.

The reason behind the Diversity & Inclusion Council

Among its many responsibilities, this body will create and establish trainings to promote the Homebridge culture of diversity. An example is our Unconscious Bias training which is aimed at helping associates recognize how factors, such as orientation and religion, may affect how they serve customers.

Adjusting our perspective and striving towards a more inclusive work environment is a benefit not only to our associates but also to our colleagues in the broader real estate industry and our customers. For other housing industry professionals, they can expect a more well-round approach to the issues their clients face.

Customers can expect their unique homeownership challenges to be better understood by our sales team. This updated approach will be especially useful in Homebridge’s efforts to provide loan products to traditionally underserved communities.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Advisory and Support Council is just one of the steps to make our company a more equitable workplace. We look forward to continuing that journey and ingraining our learnings into all we do at Homebridge.






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