The future of home financing is rooted in technological innovation guided by the expertise of mortgage professionals. As data expert Clara Shih told the Mortgage Bankers Association a few years back, “The industry today is more buyer driven, digital and multichannel.”

For Homebridge, this trend means constantly developing a suite of tools that allow our Mortgage Loan Originators to market, process and retain clients more efficiently. An integral part of that push is the Homebridge Tech Stack. With it MLOs can 1) create a work environment that fits them 2) provide a streamlined and simple experience for borrowers and 3) maintain a full pipeline of quality loans.


The Homebridge Tech Stack means MLOs will have access to the technology they need to increase the loan process’s speed and proficiency. These elements work together to automate as much as possible while also allowing easy remote access.

Mobile Office: Referrals and business relationships can be tracked remotely, allowing our sales team to take their office with them wherever they go. They can take inquiries, run credit, generate loan scenarios with live pricing and fee data, as well as access their loan pipeline and get notifications from any place they do business.

Direct Sourced Data: Working with 3rd parties, MLOs get borrower data, such as VOEs, fast – reducing errors and speeding up the process. It also lessens the burden on customers.

Digital Underwriting: Homebridge’s ability to automatically categorize and label documents enables us to perform labor-intensive tasks quickly and accurately. This includes QA and income calculations. Ultimately, with quicker insights, we can make faster decisions for customers.

Customer Survey: Surveys are automated and sent to every closed customer to improve future service, garner new referral sources and auto-share client testimonials to bring in more business.

Having the right tech infrastructure ensures our Mortgage Loan Originators are able to focus on what matters: building their business to support customers.


Homebridge customers receive the same level of streamlined responsiveness as our MLOs. Their home loan experience can occur almost exclusively online, from the initial online application to signing documents and closing the loan. At the same time, we’re dedicated to maintaining a personal connection and providing options for customized service and tailored support along the way.

Our Mortgage Acceleration Track is one way in which Homebridge makes our customers’ loan experience effortless:

  • Application can be completed quickly and easily while online, or MLOs can walk customers through the application over the phone and answer questions as they arise.
  • Customers will receive customized loan options and terms that fit their personal and financial needs.
  • Our Consumer Portal provides a speedier process for sending and reviewing files and reduces documentation needs with directly sourced data.
  • We eliminate the manual labor and errors associated with manual categorization. This allows for faster decisions in underwriting, meaning that clear to close arrives faster!
  • Our in-process communications keep MLOs updated on their clients’ progress as they reach the various milestones. In addition, clients will always know where they are in the process and what’s up ahead!
  • All documents are signed online, preventing errors and ensuring an easy close.

From start to close, Homebridge Mortgage Loan Originators and their customers have the data and tools to accomplish and smooth and straightforward home purchase.


Having the tool support MLOs and customers through the loan process is critical. But getting those customers and maintaining a full pipeline of quality borrowers is where business begins.

Through automated and customized communications, Homebridge helps our sales team strengthen their relationships with their referral partners. That includes real estate agents, bankers, and builders who can direct new clients their way.

Mortgage Loan Originators are also given a strong marketing and technology platform that makes client retention effortless.

One of the most significant components to getting leads and keeping them interested is offering the loan product that will serve them. Homebridge provides a full slate of both traditional and niche mortgage solutions so that our MLOs can provide clients with the right loan option to fit their needs.

The future of the home financing industry is always changing. But for lenders and Mortgage Loan Originators who understand the need to embrace change and adapt, the future is bright. To discover how the Homebridge Tech Stack can support your business growth, contact us today!


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