Homebridge Launches Office of Diversity and Inclusion as Part of Commitment to Employees, The Housing Industry, And Customers

Homebridge announced their newest commitments to diversity, inclusion and empowerment for borrowers and employees of the company.

As of September 15th, 2020 – Homebridge has committed to the following initiatives as it relates to extending the dream of homeownership to all groups and creating a more diverse workplace:

1.    Extend the opportunity of homeownership to members of all communities, particularly to underserved communities to ensure access and equality of homeownership across the country; and

2.    Increase the diversity of Homebridge’s workforce by 10% by end of 2021, including heightened diversity in leadership roles across the company.

To see these commitments through with a keen focus, Homebridge also announced that Brian “Woody” White has been named the company’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

In this new role, Woody will lead Homebridge’s diversity and inclusion strategies. The cornerstone is the establishment of the company’s new Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The Office’s core mission is to ensure Homebridge’s corporate values and best practices concerning diversity and inclusion are implemented across all aspects of the business processes, recruiting, and business relationships. 

Woody is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park and has been a leader in the mortgage industry since 1986. He has spent extensive time volunteering to help others in the community with issues concerning personal finance training and the quest for home ownership.

“Woody brings a wealth of experience to the position as a 30-year plus executive, driving technology, business development, product development and entrepreneurship”, said Homebridge’s Chief Operating Officer, Joe Sheridan. “Homebridge is embarking on a path to focus with diligence our approach to diversity and inclusion across the company, and Woody will help build the roadmap to ensure that we are an industry leader in this regard. Our decision to become more purposeful concerning diversity and inclusion is critical to our growth and business plans. Woody will provide an important and necessary voice in all of our critical decision-making,” Sheridan commented.

To meet the commitments to diversity at Homebridge, the new Office of Diversity and Inclusion will focus its 2020 and 2021 efforts initially on:

· Educating the public about homeownership.

· Enhancing first-time homebuyer program offerings.

· Establishing relationships with community groups focused on housing.

· Identifying, recruiting and hiring diverse talent across the company.

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