Marketing to the modern homebuyer means constantly evolving your strategy and method of communications. With a 30-year history of industry leadership, Homebridge has always thrived by staying ahead of this dynamic communications.

On September 2, Homebridge is once again taking the lead on homebuyer marketing by hosting the Socially Savvy webinar with Hearsay Systems – a leader in social media systems for the financial industry. This event will focus on helping housing industry professionals get up to speed with social media marketing strategies and tactics, including lessons on how to best leverage social media tools for brand building and customer acquisition.

The Socially Savvy webinar will educate real estate professionals on using their time strategically, while creating a balance between personalized, authentic content and the time-saving automated campaigns that will keep them in front of customers.

Homebridge has always prided itself on having a personal touch in the mortgage industry and we understand the fine line between appropriate engagement and overstepping that can turn someone away from a brand. Through this lens, the Socially Savvy webinar will build off of proprietary social media research and give attendees specific techniques so they can expand their network and increase their business pipeline in a way that resonates with customers.

Homebridge’s dedication to the industry goes well beyond its regularly occurring educational initiatives designed to help employees and its industry associates be the best possible resources for their customers. The company’s overarching commitment to customer service in every aspect of the mortgage industry is tangible through its independent class-leading Net Promoter score, which is based entirely on customer feedback.

The Socially Savvy webinar with Hearsay Systems is part of Homebridge’s 30-year outlook on business growth: Support associates, support customers and support business partners. To join Socially Savvy, register here.









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