In the past, marketing was considered a secondary or peripheral focus for a company, with other functions such as business development or recruiting being in the forefront. That all changed at the beginning of the 21st century, when disruptive technologies have now made marketing the star of the show in various industries.

Consumers now have more choice and information at their fingertips than ever, which means they now have the ability to make more informed and discerning choices.

In the mortgage industry, the timeline from awareness to final closing can be anywhere from 60 days to 6 months. In between this time, follow up at every stage of the buying process in order to stay relevant.

At Homebridge, we understand the impact that marketing technology makes to a company’s bottom line, that’s why we’ve focused on equipping all of our Mortgage Loan Originators with the tools they need to stay top of mind.

Growth Engine helps you stay in touch with your buyers at all parts of the cycle.

The Growth Engine Difference

Growth Engine helps you with not only securing new prospects but nurturing current prospects. An integrated marketing suite of experience, creative strategy and of course technology, help Mortgage Loan Originators stand out in today’s fast-paced market.

Here are some of the things that come with Growth Engine:

  • Lead Generation – technology and marketing solution to help you convert more leads
  • Video Communication – a new customer connection platform, Vidyard, with digital and video experts to help develop new and creative materials to reach your customers
  • Automated Marketing Platform – An extensive library of customized print and digital collateral with fresh and creative content
  • Event Support – Support for events in your local area with marketing and follow-up materials
  • Social Media Content and Strategy – Customized social content to help you connect with current and prospective customers
  • Creative Campaigns – Targeted creative campaigns that help you stand out in your market and promote your name and brand

Growth Engine has made the difference for many Mortgage Loan Originators and you can be the next.

To get started, reach out the today!

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