The growth of any Homebridge Mortgage Loan Originator is dependent on how effectively they can communicate with leads, borrowers and referral partners. Growth Engine is our promise that as a Homebridge MLO, you will have the tech stack needed to do just that.

With Growth Engine, you’ll have access to a library of creative content that you can deploy during tailored marketing campaigns. You can also reach out to others in the more personal ways that allow you to build long-term business relationships, like mailers and video marketing. Most of these efforts will be handled by one of three Growth Engine tools: Hearsay, Vidyard and Surefire.

A quick breakdown of these powerful platforms will help you get an understanding of how you can apply the Homebridge tech stack to your communication and grow your business as a Homebridge MLO.

Being Social

Hearsay is a social media management tool that gives you the ability to harness social media without having to spend hours curating content for your various platforms. It connects directly with your compliant accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to schedule posts days, weeks or even months in advance with a predetermined time and date.

You can choose from over 1,000 quality images and engaging posts that offer links to more in-depth educational content such as blogs, articles and interactive modules.

MLOs also have the chance to subscribe to pre-made content calendars, which will automate social media marketing for you. These calendars are put together by our dedicated team and are optimized for social engagement and awareness. You’ll be able to remain active online while also focusing on borrowers.

Connect and Engage Through Video

According to HubSpot, adding video to your emails can increase click rates by 300%. Homebridge MLOs can tap into this growing and highly engaging media channel by utilizing Vidyard, our video creation tool. Vidyard allows you to record, host and send videos to business partners with an easy-to-use interface that delivers high-quality results.

Vidyard’s back end is equally as impressive. Assess the effectiveness of videos by combing through analytics on data points such as:

  • The number of views and who has viewed
  • The dates and times of each view
  • The duration of each view (tip: 68% of viewers will watch a business-related video to the end if it’s 60 seconds or less)

Deliver approval messages, recap meetings or utilize screen share to walk your clients through loan process documents. These videos allow you to create a more personal connection while also giving you a quick way to communicate.

Email Marketing Success Awaits

Surefire is our automated marketing software for every Homebridge MLO. With it, you can organize, create and distribute marketing materials simply and efficiently using a toolbox of features that allow you to:

  1. View, group and better define your contacts for future communications and marketing.
  2. Access an extensive database of flyers that can be customized, downloaded as a PDF, branded with your contact info and even co-branded with your referral partners.
  3. Create one-time or reoccurring email campaigns with quality content that speaks to your contacts’ needs. For example, when interest rates drop, you can group contacts with comparatively high interest rates and message them about refinancing opportunities.
  4. Single property sites let you create an elegant and useful webpage that gives borrowers meaningful information on a specific listing. These can be co-branded with an Agent and shared as a URL, emailed, or downloaded as a beautiful PDF flyer.
  5. Automate marketing workflows with need-specific, value-driven drip campaigns that will keep you stay top of mind. With examples like Credit Challenged and Builder Bytes, these workflows will send a series of short emails to target your database with useful information they can act on with your help.

Surefire, like every Growth Engine tool, exists to make it easy for you to succeed. Homebridge prides itself on a culture of innovative thinking, with the growth of our MLOs as the goal.

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