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Dec 19 2017
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10 Rules Savvy Buyers Always Follow When Applying for a Mortgage

Do you know these 10 Simple Rules to follow when applying for a Mortgage? Savvy Buyers do!

  1. Do Not Change Jobs or Become Self-Employed. Steady employment is the best thing to see on an application.
  2. Do Not Buy a New Vehicle. Keep your eyes on the prize, new cars can wait.
  3. Do Not Fall Behind on Your Bills or Credit Card Payments. Now is not the time to pay late or even worse, miss a payment.
  4. Do not spend money you saved for your down payment. You’ve worked so hard to build up your savings, do not go on a spending spree now.
  5. Do not buy furniture before you buy your house. Wait! Move into your dream home, then decorate it.
  6. Do not originate any new inquiries on your credit report.
  7. Do not make large deposits without checking with your lender. As part of your application, large deposits are sourced. Before you hit the bank, call your lender.
  8. Do Not Change Banks. Consistency is key.
  9. Do Not Co-Sign a Loan for Anyone. You don’t need more debt.
  10. Do not make Large Purchases until after closing. They can wait.

Applying for a mortgage does not have to be a complicated experience! With a little patience and smart choices, you  can purchase the home of your dreams.

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See what buyers are saying about The Jeff Stempler Team:

“Jeff and his team explain the process in detail and were always available to answer any of my questions. In addition, they provide weekly updates which helps to keep the communication flowing and decrease some of my anxiety! I have worked with Jeff and his team several times now (3 or 4). They are very professional and responsive, and consistently, there are no surprises at the end of the process, at the time to signing, which feels great! I couldn’t think on any other way to make this better!” PM, Frederick, MD

“Jeffrey Stempler really exceeded our expectations. The process was really smooth, and he kept us informed at all times. He has a great team working with him. Jeff was really professional, super nice, and most importantly he make it happen. A really first class service. Highly recommended!!!!!!!” AS, Washington, MD

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