Don’t let objections scare you off. In fact, each objection you hear is an opportunity to get valuable information and help move a step closer to gaining authentic trust with clients. While “I have a friend in the business” is one of the more difficult objections prospects might say when you offer your services and expertise, it can be overcome.

Here are four potential questions to ask in return:

“Is your friend familiar with this neighborhood?” Intimate knowledge of particular neighborhood activity and relationships can be crucial to buying and selling, especially in busy or tight markets.

“Are you comfortable mixing business and friendship?” If there’s a problem in escrow, a snag in negotiations, or some other disagreement, the friendship could be soured by providing an objective perspective (or reality check).

“Does your friend know what you’re looking for?” Friends can assume a lot about each other, and in buying or selling real estate the act of assuming is no different. Make sure prospects understand that filling out a wants/needs list is an important step in the process.

“Do you want your friend to know about your finances?” If any discussions come up about budget or credit, it could lead to awkwardness in the friendship.

Your intent with these questions should be to educate and ensure prospects have a thorough understanding of the real estate process, so they can make informed decisions every step of the way. And if you ultimately win their business or a referral from them because of your professionalism and expertise, that’s always a bonus.

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