As more and more homeowners head online for real estate information, getting great testimonials and reviews needs to become a key component of a well-rounded marketing plan.

Since you already provide stellar customer service, getting these can come down to a matter of good timing. Here are some tips:

Make sure clients know how important testimonials are to your business early on. Thank them for choosing you and mention that once they have sold their home or are in their new home, you’d welcome a testimonial of their experience to help instill confidence in your expertise.

Ask at opportune times. Immediately after your clients pay you a compliment, ask if they’d be willing to repeat it in writing or in a quick video testimonial you record with your smartphone. At final walkthrough, snap a photo of your clients in front of the “Sold” sign. Mention you’d like to post the photo on Facebook to celebrate their success, and ask them to comment on it when posted.

Reconnect with past clients in a phone call or email to see how things are going, and ask if they’d be willing to share a testimonial.

Make it easy for clients to leave testimonials. Many online platforms allow you to automate the process. For example, you can create a link through Google My Business and email it out. Or send clients a link to your Facebook business page and ask them to submit a review by clicking on the “Reviews” link.

Endorsements from satisfied clients are powerful, so make time in your routine to always ask for them.

Sources: REALTOR® Magazine, Zillow

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