HomeBridge had a mission to be the most highly recommended mortgage company in the country. So they set out to achieve it by working hard to satisfy every customer’s needs, going beyond merely “closing a loan.” But when Ben Chapman started at HomeBridge as Director of Client Experience, he saw an opportunity to better establish customer satisfaction as their key differentiator and use it as a marketing tool to grow the business.

As HomeBridge wasn’t a brand many people were familiar with, he knew they needed authentic customer reviews available where people were researching their brand, in order for prospective customers to feel comfortable doing business with them. HomeBridge had plenty of great customer testimonials, collected by their associates, but Ben knew sharing these onsite wouldn’t be credible enough to have a positive impact on search engine results; and in turn, site visitation and engagement. To prospective clients, copying and pasting reviews on their site left room for customers to presume bias, selectivity and/or modification of its testimonials. So he decided to do some research of his own: finding a way to collect and leverage reviews that people could trust.



  • Establish credibility with potential clients
  • Drive more traffic to their site from organic search and improve online reputation
  • Streamline their customer service and support processes

Sample email survey sent to customers


When researching the different review solutions on the market, Ben came across Trustpilot. Struck by the simplicity and solidity of the Trustpilot open review platform, and its extensive safeguards against fraudulent reviews, Ben felt confident that using Trustpilot would provide the review credibility HomeBridge needed.


Full case study detail available here

  • Empower customers to represent their brand
  • Drive traffic through organic search
  • Track reviews for individual employees & branches
  • Streamline customer support processes

Review Volume and Rating Analysis per LO to help strengthen customer service quality

The above is an excerpt from a Case Study published by TrustPilot.


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