Choose one of these and you’ll have it made in the shade.

Patio umbrella. Mount in a stand or buy one with table and chairs.
Fabric canopy. Anchor the poles of a free-standing canopy to deck railings.
Sail shade. Punch eyelets into corners of a triangular fabric and use rope to attach to poles, trees or structures.
DIY canopy. Stake four posts in buckets of cement hidden in garden planters and tie a square of outdoor fabric to each one.
Pergola. This is an arbor with an open roof of cross rafters supported on posts. Climbing vines or fabric draped between rafters can create more shade.
Lattice panel. Metal or wood look beautiful with light shining through or entwined with plants. They can be mounted on beams or pergola.
Floating screen. You may be able to suspend a thin bamboo panel over an outdoor area using wires and poles.
Freestanding structure. Install ground-level decking and construct a gazebo on it using salvaged trimmings and posts and a simple metal roof.

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