Big brands offer us more than a product (or service). It’s something intangible—from the lifestyle image of Coca-Cola to the creative aura of Apple products; from the timeless luxury of Louis Vuitton, to the individual accomplishment symbolized by Rolex.

We can do the same. Our products should be more than functional descriptions, and we as sales people are more than physical types. Here’s how to create the intangible extras that will make us stand out.

Define your brand personality. What’s appealing about you and what you sell? Are you a practical professional focused on value? Or do you dig into client needs and commit to meeting them with less concern about cost? Consider demographics: is your target young and starting out, middle years and affluent, or older and value conscious? Communicate in a style that reflects your unique personality.

Make an emotional connection. Young people want to feel hopeful. Folks in their middle years have a sense of accomplishment. Older people long for security. Connect to your target’s emotional needs in all your communications.

Sell a dream. Clients come to us because they have a dream they can’t reach on their own. Show them how what you’re offering will get them there.

Sell an experience, fulfill an aspiration, make a statement – and do it consistently at every client touch point – for your best year ever… Enjoy a great month!

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