Be confident. People like confident (not cocky!) people.

Fake it till you make it. Not confident? Believe you are and eventually you will be.

Stay relaxed meeting new people. Nervous? Imagine you already know them.

To remember a new name, start repeating it. “Good to meet you, Ron. So, Ron, how do you like it here?”

When approaching a group, watch everyone’s feet. If they only turn their upper bodies, back off—they’re involved with each other. If they also turn their feet, you’re welcome to join in.

Notice who looks at each other when everyone laughs. They’re close friends.

Watch posture, hands, eyes. Stand up straight, hands out of pockets, make eye contact.

Never bad mouth anyone. This isn’t fun—it’s actually demeaning to you. Change the subject. Be kind and you’ll be respected.

Avoid arguments. If you win, you lose, because nobody likes to be wrong. When differences arise, ease into another topic.

Don’t ask for favors. Say, “I need your help.”

Play to the emotions. People don’t remember what you said as much as how you made them feel. Create excitement, laughter, intrigue. Make a story an emotional journey of colors, sounds, textures, tastes, smells and feelings.

Admit your mistakes. If you can tell the truth about something embarrassing, it shows people you won’t lie about anything.

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