The FBI reports there’s a burglary in the U.S. every 16 seconds. Ignore the myths and follow these tips on protecting your home.

Myth: We’re in a safe neighborhood. Fact: Some neighborhoods are safer than others, but break-ins occur everywhere.
Myth: If a burglar wants to get in, he’ll get in. Fact: There are simple things you can do to discourage burglars and make your home virtually burglarproof.
Myth: Our dog will protect our home. Fact: A dog is a deterrent, but could be quieted or neutralized.
Myth: I’m protected with home insurance. Fact: Insurance may cover most of the monetary value of stolen items, but not their sentimental value. And after a burglary, it’s hard to recover your sense of security.
Myth: Home security systems are expensive, complicated to install, are set off by pets, and defeated by burglars.
Fact: None of these things are true anymore with today’s security systems.

Security Tip: Check your landscaping. Trim shrubbery around windows and doors where a thief could hide.
Security Tip: Keep your yard tidy. Remove tools, toys, and fallen tree branches a burglar could use to break in.
Security Tip: Fix your lighting. Install motion-sensor lights outside, especially around entry points. Inside, put lights on timers throughout the house.
Security Tip: Dial up your door defenses. Install solid wood or metal outside doors that fit tight to the frames, with inside hinges and deadbolt locks. Place a metal bar inside the floor track of sliding doors, so they can’t open if the lock is picked.
Security Tip: Change the locks. Do this when you move in and if you lose your key.
Security Tip: Install a home security system. Today’s wireless systems install easily with cell phone police notification that burglars can’t stop. The alarm alerts neighbors, some systems have smartphone control, and all come with a lawn sign the bad guys notice. Plus, you may get a discount on your insurance.
Security Tip: Don’t advertise your whereabouts. No notes on the door when you’re out. Don’t share vacation plans and experiences on Facebook or Twitter. Post all that after you come home.
Security Tip: Never look like you’re gone. Have the post office hold your mail, and ask a friend or neighbor to pick up any flyers or packages left by the door.
Security Tip: Always leave safely. Lock windows, doors, set the alarm. Always.

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