Here are some Windows apps, which you won’t launch every day, but are incredibly helpful to have.

Speccy. This program scans your PC and tells you all the specs—model numbers, fan speeds, how much RAM you have, how much you’re using, CPU temperature, everything.

A Task Manager alternative. The Windows Task Manager gives you some info about the programs running. But if you need more, you’ll want an alternative. Process Explorer is a good one; search “Task Manager Alternatives” for others.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker. This app makes it easy to tweak everything on your computer so it’s just the way you like it. Use it when you add new things to your workflow, and always back up before you start tweaking.

MalwareBytes, VirusTotal, AdwCleaner. You should run a good antivirus program all the time, but it’s wise to use these too. MalwareBytes works on-demand, so it doesn’t interfere with your primary tool.VirusTotal Uploader lets you scan a downloaded file with more than 50 antivirus tools. AdwCleaner gets rid of annoying toolbars you accidentally downloaded and can’t get rid of.

Sandboxie. This app lets you run programs independent of the rest of the system. Open a program or file first in Sandboxie and if it’s shady, it won’t get into your Windows installation.

A network watcher. There are several, such as Wireless Network Watcher (which works on wired networks too) and NirSoft network tools. They let you see all the computers on your net, with IP and MAC addresses and other info to help you plan a network, troubleshoot, and find out if someone’s stealing your Wi-Fi.

A stress testing utility. When apps crash, programs such as Prime95, LinX, and AIDA64 test your CPU first to find out if that’s what’s causing the problem. CPU issues can be tough to diagnose without one of these programs.

WinDirStat. When your PC says it’s running out of disk space, this app tells you where it all went. You’ll see the biggest folders and file types to help you clean out that overflowing hard drive.

*This is general information. Please check with your IT before installing any new programs.

Here’s to your success in 2016—with your business and your technology—as you achieve your best year ever… Enjoy a great month!

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