Many of us live and die by our smartphones and access to the Internet. We use them for driving directions, to check emails for work, keeping in touch with friends and to purchase anything from kitty litter to a new car.

When it comes to your home search though, you may want to take the ‘smart’ out of your smartphone if you’re looking for the best and easiest experience.


The Internet is a wealth of information, some accurate, some not, and when it comes to a home search, you can only see so much. Of course, when you search for a house online, you know that four bedrooms are more than two, but can you tell the difference in your head between 1,900, 2,000 and 2,200 square feet? Similarly, while you can search online for a home that has the amenities and location you desire, the real world is often much different than what we see on the screen. It’s hard, if not impossible to judge a specific part of a neighborhood and other factors that simply aren’t listed through the NMLS.

The good Realtors® know about properties right when they hit the market and have anecdotal info on them that you just won’t find online. It’s a part of their profession and after meeting with you, either face-to-face or on the phone, they’ll have a better understanding of your tastes and interests that often aren’t translated well through email interaction.

Another reason to meet with a Realtor® face to face is that they may be getting hundreds of emails per day from potential buyers who clicked on their website. While all customers are important, someone who puts in the effort to pick up the phone or arranges for an in-person meeting is taking the extra step forward to show that they’re serious about their home search, giving the Realtor extra incentive to pay extra attention to that person’s needs.

When it comes to your mortgage needs, a face-to-face meeting or one-on-one discussion over the phone is often the best way to get things started.

While you can start the mortgage process online you may have a lot of questions. Similarly, mortgages are not one-size-fits-all products. There are a lot of nuances based on your personal situation, ever-changing Federal regulations and the market at hand. Even an online mortgage calculator won’t tell you all of your options or help you avoid the roadblocks that could delay a mortgage and possibly cause you to miss the opportunity to buy that perfect home.|

In addition to the types of mortgages you may have heard of, such as FHA or VA loans, there’s also multiple lesser-known products that may be better suited to your needs. Some require a smaller down payment, some are perfect for first-time buyers and others work best for people who are buying second homes or investment properties. While having all of these options is a true benefit to the home buyer, all of the terms and legal language can sometimes be very confusing. This is why having a distraction-free conversation with a mortgage professional can really help you find the best mortgage to suit your needs.

If you’re interested in finding out more about customized mortgage options for your next home purchase or refinancing your existing mortgage, pick up your smartphone or go online and connect with us! There’s never a fee for a meeting or phone call, and you won’t be obligated to work with HomeBridge if you do decide to purchase a home later on.


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