2016 VA Loan Limits

The 2016 VA Loan limits have been released.  The VA loan program does not have a maximum amount a veteran can borrow using a VA loan.  For 2016, the ZERO down payment limit will remain at $417,000 for most counties.  VA Loan borrowers CAN exceed this limit by putting down 25% of any amount above 417k.  For example, one would have to put down 25k on a 517k purchase.  For borrowers in “high cost” counties, some limits have changed for 2016.  San Diego for example has increased from $562,350 to $580,750.  The Chapman Lending Team at HomeBridge covers every county in California and Arizona.  HomeBridge Financial lends in all 50 states.  We are VA Loan experts and help hundreds of veterans each year.

If you live in one of the following counties listed below, follow the data on the chart to determine the VA’s maximum guaranty amount for a particular county. These limits apply to all loans closed January 1, 2016 and afterwards.

Below are the California county limits for 2016.

COUNTY            2016 VA LIMIT

EL DORADO              $474,950

LOS ANGELES          $625,500

MARIN                        $625,500

MONO                         $529,900

MONTEREY               $529,900

NAPA                           $625,500

NEVADA                     $477,250

ORANGE                     $625,500

PLACER                       $474,950

SACRAMENTO          $474,950

SAN BENITO              $625,500

SAN DIEGO                $580,750

SAN FRANCISCO      $625,500

SAN LUIS OBISPO    $561,200

SAN MATEO               $625,500

SANTA BARBARA     $625,500

SANTA CLARA           $625,500

SANTA CRUZ             $625,500

SONOMA                     $554,300

VENTURA                   $603,750

YOLO                            $474,950

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About the author:  Dan Chapman is the branch manager at HomeBridge Financial Services in North County San Diego, CA.  HomeBridge performs VA loans in 46 states.  Dan is a Naval Academy graduate and Marine Corps and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.  He has been focused on helping active duty military and veterans attain the dream of home ownership since 2007.  He is actively involved in several local veteran causes and performs VA loan seminars throughout greater San Diego on a monthly basis.  For a free consultation, please contact us anytime.


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