8 Pointers to Power Your Marketing Copy

Marketing copy is the writing that goes into your website, emails, mailers and letters, brochures, and other printed and online sales materials. It’s key to your marketing, because it keeps you in contact with clients and prospects. The goal is to get the reader to want to do business with you. According to professional writers, here’s how to power your marketing copy to bring in customers.

Focus on what makes you unique. What’s the key point of difference between you and any alternatives a prospect would consider? Make sure that difference comes through in all your marketing copy.

Stress your value. What are the benefits you give your clients? What needs do they have that you can fulfill? Which problems of theirs can you solve? Focus on what’s in it for them when they choose you.

Provide proof. Tell prospects the reasons they can believe you will deliver benefits to them. Supporting evidence can include your track record, performance stats, and your years in the business.

Put in testimonials. Let your clients speak for you. Get customer quotes and use them in all your materials. Potential customers relate well to messages from people they identify with—actual customers. And this provides more proof of your value.

Make sure your copy contains more “you’s” than “I’s” or “we’s.” You need to talk about yourself, of course. But make sure your copy talks way more about what you do for your clients. Check that you’re using more “you’s” than “I’s” or “we’s.”

Be specific whenever you can. “We deliver an outstanding level of customer support” just sits there. “This year, six new clients hired us because of our customer support” has impact.

Avoid hype. If a testimonial is the most credible form of marketing copy, an over-the-top claim is the least. Exaggerated claims blow your credibility as a professional, and don’t fly at all with millennials who hate “being sold.”

Break up your copy with headlines and subheads. Readers scan, so put your key messages in bold heads and subheads. Thanks to the internet, people prefer to take in information in bite-sized pieces, so use headers to guide them through.

Here’s to your continued success as you write more powerful marketing copy while putting together your best year ever… Enjoy a great month!

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