New Home Purchase?  Sometimes home buyers find a house in a perfect neighborhood that needs some personalized improvements. They love the home’s layout, the school district, the neighborhood amenities and more, but the appliances may need updating, the heating and cooling systems may need modernizing, add an outdoor kitchen, and the kids just might like to have an in-ground pool.  Financing this “almost perfect” home with a traditional mortgage would leave the homebuyers on their own for any updates, repairs or improvements, but a renovation mortgage builds the cost of the renovations into the total loan amount.

Refinance Your Existing?  This also a great option for home owners that are considering a refinance and/or renovation. It is a two birds with one stone process to get the benefits of both.  Improve instead of move!

From simple jobs to complex remodeling projects, a renovation mortgage from HomeBridge Financial Services allows buyers to finance their home and home improvement projects.