At HomeBridge, mortgages are our only business. Why is this important?

You may have heard in the news recently that a few banks are pulling back from their mortgage business or implementing stricter policies that can make it difficult for homebuyers to secure financing.

What you may not realize is that Homebridge isn’t a bank at all. Technically speaking, HomeBridge is a ‘non-bank mortgage lender’ and that makes a major difference in our approach to the mortgage industry.

If you’re shopping around for the best mortgage options for your own unique needs, here are some reasons to consider HomeBridge:

  1. We’re mortgage specialists and our sole focus is on the mortgage industry! This focus allows our associates to focus specifically on the residential housing market and not be distracted by trends and news that would affect the traditional banking industry.
  2. HomeBridge is financially stable, independent and privately held. This gives us the leeway to consider borrowers who may not have perfect credit, but still have the financial ability to repay a mortgage in a timely manner. We look at each application very carefully and many times we’ve been able to help customers secure a mortgage after being turned down elsewhere.
  3. There’s never an additional ‘sell’ with HomeBridge. We don’t offer credit cards, automobile loans, or Roth IRAs. Our associates only focus is on helping you finance the home of your dreams.
  4. HomeBridge is both a retail and wholesale lender on a national scale. Most residential borrowers will never need to learn about the wholesale side of the mortgage industry, but the reality is, it allows us to see a full 360-degree view of the housing market across the country so we can better serve our borrowers on a local level. If you’re interested, you can learn about all the different facets of Homebridge here.
  5. HomeBridge is one of the leading providers of ‘fixer-upper mortgages’ that can turn slightly out-of-date, or even rundown properties, into dream homes. We’re regularly quoted in the media about ways renovation lending can turn affordable homes into dream homes, especially for first-time buyers. Many lenders don’t offer ‘fixer-upper mortgages’ because they’re more complicated in nature, but HomeBridge is one of the leaders in this field on a national level.

These are just some of the reasons to make Homebridge your first stop as you look to purchase a home or refinance your existing mortgage. We’ll update our blog in the months to come with more reasons why Homebridge has become a top choice for homeowners and real estate professionals across the country for the last 25 years!

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