As summer approaches and the temperatures heat up, many people are thinking about swimming pools. Whether you are building a new home and want to add a pool into your closing or currently own a home and would like to build a pool, we have the solution for you. Current equity lines can limit you from having the pool you want or the homebuilders are hesitant to fork over $30,000 before you ever close on the home. Let us introduce the Fannie Mae HomeStyle home improvement loan. HomeStyle home improvement loans give you the flexibility to turn your home into your DREAM home.

Purchase – Include the cost of the home improvements you always dreamed about in your purchase mortgage. Whether it’s a custom swimming pool or a summer kitchen, you can personalize your home and create a better quality of life. This includes new construction so the home builder does not have to pay for the addition of your amenities, but you can still finance the costs.

Refinance – Many people do want to move or are not in a position to move, yet they want to improve their quality of life. Simply refinance your current home loan with HomeBridge Financial Services using the Fannie Mae HomeStyle loan and include all the home improvements to better your lifestyle. You can build your custom swimming pool or add that patio and summer kitchen all in one single mortgage transaction.

The HomeBridge team’s experience and expertise enable us to make the mortgage process faster, easier and more understandable. Our flexibility allows a customized and unique approach to home lending.

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